Capitol Riot Tactics Strongly Resemble Those Used In 2020 Riots | PA Pundits – International

… Sund’s description of the clashes with the Capitol Police sounds familiar because it is. The tactics used in Wednesday’s riot resemble those used in riots that occurred in multiple cities throughout 2020. Law enforcement officers and buildings around the U.S. have been attacked with pipes, rocket-grade fireworks, and other dangerous weapons since May by Antifa and Black Lives Matter criminals.

The difference is the 2020 riots were done in the dark of night and most of the main stream media showed little of the rioters’ violence, downplaying the attacks as “peaceful protests.”

Slowly, information is coming forward that bad actors at prior riots were involved at the Capitol riot as well. Some rioters wore the typical black bloc and helmets, others donned Trump paraphernalia to blend in. At a minimum, Wednesday’s assault was fully informed by the lessons of previous actions…

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