The Corona Crisis: The Conspiracy Is Obvious. Here Are Facts to Construct a Theory – Counter Information

Comment by tonytran2015: The pandemic is real but the credibility of some behind the official narrative of Covid 19 is questionable.

… Also hunting the HIV golden goose, Dr. Fauci blocked publication (see minutes 12-18 of this video) of Dr. Frank Ruscetti’s study confirming French Dr. Luc Montagnier’s identification of the HIV virus to buy time for Dr. Robert Gallo’s American team to catch up and force the Pasteur Institute to share lucrative patent rights.  Fauci then succeeded in transferring the research program from Gallo’s National Cancer Institute to his own NIAID, gaining massive revenue allocations by Congress including long-ongoing collaboration with DARPA on gain-of-function bioweapons research disguised as “biodefense” thereby evading bioweapons treaty prohibitions.

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