Where Are the Democrat “Rule of Law” TV Grandstanders Now? | Political Arena


When Donald Trump signed some executive orders the elite media and Democrat lawyers said it was a constitutional crisis, undemocratic, “Trump is a Dictator” etc.

Biden is signing dozens of executive orders and is already breaking his campaign promises after only three days in office. Democrat’s are also moving to impeach a private citizen which is completely unconstitutional. Doing so is a Bill of Attainder is is expressly forbidden by the Constitution.

Chief Justice Roberts has refused to participate in the impeachment because rightly – the President is not on trial. So Kamala Harris as President of the Senate will run at the trial, which is also unconstitutional. Where are all the the media and “Rule of law” Democrats on the obvious conflict of interest here as Trump may be running against Biden/Harris in 2024?

These same people said that Mike Pence can’t certify certain electors in the Senate (even though there is a legal argument that he can) and went on and on about the apparent conflict of interest….now they are all mum.

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