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Democrats say that Republican who say they are Christians are false, that they worship the Devil, while they are the true Christians and God is on their side. Let’s do what no liberal will do and examine the facts in evidence. Be warned, however, that in doing so you will violate all dictates of the left in revealing the truth rather than submitting to the party line. You will be persecuted if you speak the truth that Democrats committed massive election fraud using mail-in ballots with no ID. Now they are making that method the law of the land. Democrats who believe themselves to be the elites have cheated the American people to fundamentally transform America into their totalitarian dictatorship with themselves as the communist masters of fascist Amerika. They are rigging the system to abolish the Constitution and make the people their slaves, and only liberal dupes believe in them.Now it is made clear to Christians how Jesus was condemned and a thief set free, and how the Inquisition came to be.

Democrats Introduce Bill to ‘Massively Expand’ Mail-in Voting

Chicom interference in 2020 election

What do Democrats believe? They are leftists. They are the party of atheist socialists who believe that worshipping the state’s elitist leaders should be above any fantasy god of any religion. The only god acceptable to them is Allah of Islam because in their ideology the theocratic rules are the elites, and the masses submit to them all power and authority to rule over their lives. They bow down for ten minutes five times a day to uniformly repeat the mantra that their god is the greatest. They are instructed that it is righteous and good to persecute those who do not submit even to the point of murdering them while at the same time declaring they are loving and tolerant to justify their actions. God is on their side, they say. While fighting America’s 1st Civil War, Abraham Lincoln warned that we should be careful not to declare ourselves to be righteous sinners because we fight against slavery, that we are still sinners capable of sinning more. He said we should not falsely declare that God is on our side but that we should strive to be on God’s side. The only way to know this is to follow the teachings of Christ. Those teachings are what Islamists reject. Jesus is not the Christ in their hearts. God has no son, they say. There is only Allah.

Another group says the exact same thing – atheists. Except that they just declare there is no God and that gods are only fictional creations of delusional minds that cannot accept the realities of life as humanists. These are the same people who say they are the people of science. They believe that there are more than two human sexes, that anyone who denies their fanatical science fiction is delusional needing “reprogramming,” and that mankind can change the climate enough to kill the planet with his pollution. Womenkind is irrelevant in their backwards world which is why they have boys compete in girls’ sports stealing championships from the weaker sex even as they say they want to empower women. Liberalism is well known to be effeminate in nature, which just makes this a catfight between boys who wish they were girls and the girls who want power over boys.

Let’s go down the list of what Democrat Christians and Republican Christians believe and see who comes out on the side of God:

Democrats endorse atheists, agnostics, and Islamists over the Christian church. All of these are anti-Christian ideologies that want Christianity destroyed and Jesus to be rejected in favor of their god. The god of Islam is obvious, but the gods of atheists and agnostics are more obscure. The deception that they employ in saying they do not believe in any god is belied by their beliefs in the gods they create in their own minds such as the gods of science and nature. Mother Earth, the god Gaia, is foremost in determining their beliefs. Their worship of this god is obvious to those who know the old gods and understand how people lie to themselves and others to dupe them in their false beliefs. If there are Christians among Democrats, why do they take sides with these people who say that Christians are delusional and act against Christians and the teachings of Christ? The “tolerant” Islamists do not allow Christians to proselytize, build churches, or spread within states they control. They persecute Jews because Jesus is a Jew just as Hitler’s Nazi did. Their only intention is to destroy all Jews and Christians and make worship of their god the law of the land.

Democrats endorse abortion. Why would Christian take sides with people who believe killing babies in the womb is not murder but righteous healthcare? Democrats endorse all manner of immorality. Why would Christians take sides with people who believe thieves, rapists, and murderers should be freed to protect their rights, while citizens should be persecuted who defend their rights from these criminals? They want citizens to be disarmed and forced to rely only on government to clean up the mess that criminals leave behind. Why would Christians take sides with hateful criminals against innocent civilians? Jesus sat with prostitutes and tax collectors to try to redeem them instructing his followers not to judge others. He did not sit with thieves, rapists, and murderers to instruct their victims that they are worthy of being saved. Leftists say that criminals should not be judged according to the teachings of Christ. Leftists who tell Christians what Jesus would do when don’t believe in Christ is the pinnacle self-righteous hypocrisy. Jesus spoke of not playing God judging as if they were God determining who goes to Heaven or Hell. He was very clear in His teachings of who is guilty of crimes against their fellow man and how they should be punished.

The list goes on and on of how Democrats are anti-Christian while Republicans endorse Christianity from our Founding to today. So, what kind of Christian takes sides with anti-Christian Democrats? Are they truly the righteous, or are they just fooling themselves? This question is only debated today by people who are ignorant of Jesus and those who are against Jesus. Arguing with a liberal over their false beliefs is like arguing with a scorpion. Should the frog take the scorpion across the river? Understanding a person’s true nature begins with learning if they are capable of learning or if they are fanatically devoted to their beliefs. The difference between a Christian fanatic and an anti-Christian fanatic is simple. The righteous do not destroy others in judgment. They do not judge them on their thoughts or what they say, but on their deeds. They do not condemn others for their sins when they know themselves to be sinners by declaring themselves to be without sin. “Beware of False Prophets. You will know them by their fruits.” Those who promote two-faced hypocrisy from their place of self-righteousness do not speak for God. The righteous follow God recognizing that it is men who tell black lies that deliberately or delusionally try to mislead the ignorant.

[Author’s Note: Joe Biden is not the 46thPresident of the United States of America. He is General-Secretary Obama’s 1st Premier of the Communist States of America in Democrat’s new Amerikan Democratic Socialist Republic. The Constitution has been burned under their rule as they usurped power by waging America’s 2nd Civil War through subversion, subterfuge, and sabotage. Donald Trump was America’s last president who failed to enact the Insurrection Act to defend the Constitution by declaring Martial Law to stop the steal of the government by massive mail-in ballot fraud by Democrats. America is now a one-party communist state of liberal fascism. Those who do not submit to their lies of the left are deemed to be traitorous enemies of the state that must be persecuted and “deprogrammed” by programming them the way all socialist states like the Chicoms and Islamists do.

The new Americoms of this land will not tolerate dissent or the exposure of the truth of their true nature. Christianity is born of liberty with the choice to accept God or reject His love. Leftism does not allow a choice. You either submit or die. If you cannot recognize the true nature of evil in those choices, then you lack a moral compass. Arguing with such people is pointless. They only understand the use of force and deception to justify their lying actions in subjugating all people as slaves of the state. These people believe they are better than God, that they don’t need Him. They don’t believe their gifts came from God. They are humanists who believe they achieve everything by their own effort and deserve it. They are the people who have taught our children not to love God making them apathetic students. Elites will be given their high paying jobs regardless of their skill. I care nothing for those deceivers who continue to say Democrats should be impeached or voted out of office when they know no such thing will ever happen. People who believe that the masses will see how bad Democrats make their lives will overturn the next election are based on the fallacy that Democrats still follow the Constitution and won’t cheat more extremely. They lost this election by a 4:3 ratio and proved they could overcome that deficit through election fraud.

There will no more be free and fair elections in 2022 and 2024 than there will be fair trade on the Stock Market where elites just shut down and stole millions from day traders over GameStop stocks. Democrat communists will never lose again as they now control the election process. They lost this election 80 million to 60 million, but reduced Trump’s votes to 74 million and increased their own to 78 million. Next time if 100 million vote Republican there will be 110 million votes for Democrats. After that if 120 million people vote for Republicans there will be 130 million votes for Democrats. Even if the entire population of the country vote for Republicans more will vote for Democrats. Do you not understand how cheating works? Democrats are no longer operating under the U.S. Constitution. They are a communist regime of fascist dictators. And if you call them out on their lawlessness you will be destroyed and eventually shot! The only way socialists have ever lost power is under force of arms. They are criminals who believe theirs is the right to rule over the innocent as wolves culling sheep. The wicked never yield to the righteous by choice.]

Rush Limbaugh is Radio Free America (In the last half of the 20th century, America operated “Radio Free Europe” for eastern Europeans enslaved under Soviet communist rule so they could hear the truth of what was happening in the world rather than just communist propaganda. Now that America is under communist rule, Rush Limbaugh & Co. are the last bastion of truth. How long this will last before Democrats crush all free voices in the nation is just a matter of time. As Ronald Reagan said, America is the last bastion of freedom in the world and if the light of liberty goes out here there is nowhere to escape. That light has gone out and the world is entering the next thousand years of darkness.)https://video.wordpress.com/embed/yVKLPCh1?preloadContent=metadata&hd=1

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