Trump Fought the Swamp and the Swamp Won

…It describes how political interest groups have borrowed some of the techniques that politicians have used for years to get rich from public office: the short version is get your wife or son or brother to found a firm to which your organization can pay millions for nebulous consulting services. Or if you are the Clintons, form a charity so you and your supporters can deduct a lot of things from your taxes.

The reason that bribes of public officials are so rare in America is that we have made them legal if you do them legally.

You can rig an election and brag about it later if you do it legally, just like you can bribe a politician if you do it legally.

But the Swamp is larger than that too. It includes all the companies and investors who benefit from government regulation..

2 thoughts on “Trump Fought the Swamp and the Swamp Won

    • With legalized pervasive corruption, the US has even lost its language (its vocabulary is now defined by foreign owned dictionary publishers). It has lost its own interpretation of its Constitution. So the battle is close to being lost.

      I would rather call USA a Corruptocracy.

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