Life in Communist Amerika | Liberals Backwards Think

…If you’re still talking about re-establishing voter integrity and taking back America from the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party, you are fooling yourself. No communist country of fascist dictators in the history of the world has ever fallen to voting or dissent from within. Tyrants are only overthrow through force of arms by people willing to risk their lives to be free. Democrats have won their 2nd Civil War conducted through subversion, subterfuge, and sabotage, and only a 2ndRevolutionary War will succeed in unseating them. America’s last president, Donald Trump, was one of the nation’s greatest presidents right up until he surrendered the nation to the communists. Why he wasn’t prepared to repel this communist overthrow is a mystery. Pelosi even said openly last summer that they were wargaming this coup d’état. Their method of falsely accusing Republicans of being guilty of those crimes that Democrats committed is only lost on their ignorant liberal dupes. Now they have established themselves as the uncontestable one-party rulers of Amerika. Their policies, dictates, and laws will all be geared toward subjugating patriots.  Americans are left with two choices: Secede and form a new republic or go to war. The nation is now desperate for a leader who will rise up and lead the people to liberty once again….

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