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California: Banning Christians from Serving as Police? By Michael Foust.

The bill, AB 655, … would require that background investigations be conducted to determine if police officer candidates have “engaged in membership in a hate group,” participated in hate group activities, or made public expressions of hate. …

The bill defines “hate group” as an organization that “advocates for, or practices the denial of constitutional rights” of any group of persons “based upon race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.”

In the hands of the woke, that could mean just about anybody who isn’t woke. It would of course include all the woke themselves, but we know it will be selectively enforced.

Catch all laws like this just take power out of the hands of legislators and voters, and give it to the bureaucrats. Rule by the person who chooses when to enforce the law. In their new system, we are not all equal before the law.

That’s woke progress for you, opposite of what used to be meant by “progress.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

3 thoughts on “California: Banning Christians from Serving as Police? | The Wentworth Report

  1. If I’m honest, Christians really don’t have a very good reputation for standing up for law and order. Think of the Inquisition, in the Middle Ages. 😉 I am advocating more and more for all democratic states to enact an atheistic basic principle.

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    • Christians did not go the full length but they should be given some credit.

      By the way Zoroastrianism was the OLDEST religion and was persecuted by ISIL-ISIS.

      If an ape does not get into the bootstrap of religious thinking will he ever be religious?

      If a student has not been initiated into computing with a Mixrosoft computer will he insist on using a Windiow OS ?

      All these questions are worth thinking about, Michael.


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