How World War 3 may unfold

by tonytran2015.

There are now many Nuclear Military Powers in the world: US, Russia, UK, China, France, Israel, India, Pakistan, North Korea, and emerging powers Iran (requiring tech. breakthrough), Japan (requiring legislative authorization). Many of them are ready to use nuclear weapon for non-existential posturing or for tactical advantage: US, Russia, India. So it is natural to think that WW3 will be a nuclear war.

However advances in other types of warfare have decrease the possibility of nuclear exchange in WW3.

How WW3 may unfold

Advances in Cultural, Economic, Biological, Robotic, Laser weapons would be used to annihilate any plan of launch of nuclear weapons.

1/- First a Woke LGBTQ War is launched causing disorder, incohesion, dysfunction in one side.

2/- Next an economic war causing impoverishment and national bankruptcy (Bismark Republic style).

3/- Consecutive biological attacks will then cause lockdowns, isolations and consequential loss of productivity, food, medication, then a state of prolongued starvation and sickness. The biological attack may be viral based and DNA, racial based. Messenger RNA may abound to threaten survivors.

4/- Then killer robots/remote controled weapons will swarm territories supported by large Laser Beam Weapon Stations.

Russia already has remote control/robotic tanks. US has small number of remote control/robotic flying bombs. China are mass producing drones. US has flying Laser Weapon Stations. Germany has ground based Laser Weapon Stations. China wants to make Satellite based Laser Station.

5/- This will cause sickness and total loss of will and failure of the enemy states. Their Individual Nuclear Commanders will not dare to launch any futile first strike nuclear attack and will be surrendering.

6/- A winner emerge.







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