Myanmar Seizes George Soros Foundation’s Bank Accounts — The True Defender | The Most Revolutionary Act

Comment by tonytran2015: In the Yin-Yang theory of opposing tendencies, each side carries the seed of its opponent. The Bad movement carries the seed for the Righteous movement.

This isn’t the first time Soros has used currency speculation to attack a Southeast Asian country.

Vermont Folk Troth

A coup d’etat occurred after the winner, Aung San Suu Kyi won a landslide victory in the November elections.

According to a report published by Reuters,

“The military junta in Myanmar has detained an official from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and has frozen the billionaire financier’s bank accounts in the country under the suspicion that the group funded elements opposed to the February coup in the country.” 

“In the immediate aftermath of the coup, during mass civil disobedience in the country, the Global New Light of Myanmar — a military propaganda newspaper — alleged that Open Society Myanmar withdrew $1.4 million from its account at the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank, or SMED.”

Afterwards, the money was exchanged into local currency, “without following the necessary rules and regulations.”

According to the Financial Times, a picture of Suu Kyi with Soros was also published. The photo was taken back…

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