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By Tim Graham ~Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi wrote a piece on Wednesday that sounded congratulatory. It seems the Biden White House has established “message discipline” and prevented negative leaking from the staff:

The Trump White House provided reporters with a gusher of leaks. With Biden, everything’s changed. Where did all the juicy insider accounts go? How a cadre of close-knit presidential aides shut down the West Wing gossip pipeline.

Farhi began:

After two and a half months of Joe Biden’s presidency, something is missing from the news coverage of his administration: leaks. Juicy details about the president’s behind-the-scenes conduct and decision-making? No one seems able to dig up anything interesting.

An anonymous White House reporter was summoned to call Biden’s White House “effectively a leakproof operation.” That made the headline inside the Style section. Is that really a necessary use of anonymous sourcing? Anonymous congratulations for non-transparency? Competence at crackdowns? There is no doubt that the chaos and inexperience of the Trump White House led to a lot more leaking. But Farhi’s story is leaving out another important element: ideology. When Trump won, the Post adopted the screamy slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” When Biden won, the tone of the press corps changed to “Democracy Dances at the Disco,” followed by “Democracy Takes a Long, Luxurious Bubble Bath.” Biden’s press avoidance was explained as a positive strategy:…

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