Case Against Vaccinating Children (& Young) for COVID-19 | Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch


Vaccine manufacturers are in the process of testing the not yet FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine in children and even babies and are planning to roll out vaccination for some age groups this year.

Please consider taking action to prevent this.

Vaccines are injected into mostly healthy people, there needs to be extra scrutiny for their:

  • Necessity – that can vary for e.g.: different age groups
  • Safety including the important long-term safety
  • Effectiveness – adequate and long-term immunity


Vaccines protecting widespread, devastating childhood diseases with no effective and safe treatment, when they provide lifelong or long-term immunity make sense. Vaccines for ever mutating organisms, providing partial, short-term immunity when promising treatments can be approved and made available do not make sense.

COVID-19 is very rare in children and most cases are mild even unnoticeable among young adults and children. In fact, less than 100 under 14yr have died from COVID-19…

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