The Muzzled Jacek Miedlar Shares His Expansive Knowledge on Jews. |

Comment by tonytan2015: Both sides of any argument should be listened to.


We Poles refuse to live in a cancel culture! So what if Jacek Miedlar was accused of engaging in “hate speech” (by whoever gets to define the term)? Not a single Jew was ever prosecuted for “hate speech”, no matter how vile his statements about Poles or Poland. So get off Miedlar’s case!

The Polish government has leveled bizarre accusations against Miedlar in order to try to discredit him. In 2019, it framed him a terrorist, and had his house searched. Of course, no weapons were found. (p. 493). It then made-up charges of him inciting violence against Muslims in New Zealand. One court out-of-hand threw out these absurd calumnies, while another one did not. (pp. 493-495). The circus goes on.

Nor is Miedlar a Holocaust denier, though his critics love to paint him as one. Miedlar (p. 450) indicates that he is not questioning the 6 million figure. What he is objecting to is the fact that the 6 million figure has been made “magical”, and placed outside the possibility of even being questioned. (p. 448-on). [He could have added that no specific “magical” victim-number, for any OTHER genocide, is ever protected by law! So it sounds like another special right for Jews.] Miedlar rightly objects to the fact that the presumed special-ness of the Holocaust is being used to drive the blackmail of nations, as by the Holocaust Industry, and that it is used to exempt Jews from any criticism of their conduct. (pp. 452-453).

I now focus on a few of the many issues raised in Miedlar’s fact-filled book: