They will never learn – The way I see things …



The FDA is proposing or at least considering a nationwide ban on menthol cigarettes. They might just want to consult history before making such a move and perhaps reconsider. They could be looking at some pretty severe unintended consequences, going in with eyes wide shut. Perhaps the consequences are intended, going in with eyes wide open.

When something is banned that the people want they will go to great lengths to get it. The flip side of this is that some will go to great lengths to provide what is in demand even if the government bans it,

You only have to go back in history 102 years for this little lesson. The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution, Prohibition. Would men like Al Capone have come to such “prominence” if Prohibition never happened? There are, in my opinion, many large cities that still have a “criminal gang” problem as…

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