Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog comes to you once again from an America divided by the Democrats’ hatred and racism, just as it has been for the past five years. It’s no secret that in the United States the REAL division is not black people vs white people or gay people vs straight people or women vs men – it’s DEMOCRATS VS EVERYBODY ELSE.

Yes, people of all colors or religions, etc, can discuss anything calmly and reasonably and without hatred as long as none of them are Democrats. They may not agree, but the debates can be civil and free of vituperative accusations. However, when one or more Democrats enter the conversation, accusations of being „-ists” and „-phobes” replace facts and logic. What had been an exchange of ideas degenerates into vitriol and sanctimonious drivel.

*** Remember, the people who call others White Supremacists do not speak for all black people, they speak for DEMOCRATS, some of whom happen to be black.

*** People who push for „Defunding (and/or firing) The Police” do not speak for all people of color, they speak for DEMOCRATS, some of whom happen to be people of color.

*** People who insist other people must lose their jobs and/or be driven from an entire profession for expressing opinions that supposedly „offend” or „marginalize” entire groups do not speak for those entire groups, they speak only for DEMOCRATS.

*** People who oppose voter i.d. do not represent all people of color, they represent DEMOCRATS.

*** People who pretend to represent educators do not represent all educators, they represent DEMOCRATS in the education field. Democrats file complaints about or otherwise harass anyone who expresses dissenting opinions.

*** People who insist that „some males menstruate” or „some men can become pregnant” (and want everyone who disagrees to be utterly destroyed) do not represent all trans-people. They represent DEMOCRATS, who relate to every issue ONLY in terms of how much hatred and division it can be used to spread.

*** People who clamor for no immigration laws do not represent the Hispanic population, they represent DEMOCRATS who feel that way.

This approach can be used to understand nearly all of the „divisive” or „hot button” issues in the country. The rest of us can try to compromise with each other. But not the 21st Century version of the Democrats. They thrive on driving away reasonable people.

As foolish as it is to espouse the viewpoint „my country, right or wrong” it’s even more foolish (and destructive) to espouse the point of view that says „the Democrats, right or wrong.” 

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