Germany: Muslim beats two women completely unknown to him to a pulp because they could not give him a cigarette – The way I see things …

Allah’s Willing Executioners

He brutally beat up two complete strangers in Düsseldorf’s old town because they did not give him a cigarette: Now the district court sentenced Jamal M. (27) to 16 months in prison.

2.20 a.m., Grabbeplatz square: The women (22 and 21 years old) were on their way home when the perpetrator started begging them.

First he insulted her as a “whore cunt”. Then he pulled out a tuft of hair from the 21-year-old, punched and kicked her hard in the head and stomach when she was already lying on the ground.

When her girlfriend tried to calm him down, he pushed her down a flight of stairs and kicked her so hard that she could not walk for three days. Both women had to go to hospital.

Jamal M. apologised during the trial. He paid each woman 600 euros in compensation for pain and suffering. The defence lawyer pleaded for…

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