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The White House occupant appeared today to deliver remarks on some key issues that are catastrophic to the long-term goals of the leftist administration.

First, let’s be clear; there’s no-way the Chicago control agents would allow the installed occupant to speak on any issue, publicly, that was not a direct and measurable threat to their long-term goals.

The remarks today by Joe Biden are carefully scripted to diffuse political damage that is pending as a direct outcome of the executed policies.

The risks and remarks are in the following order:

(1)  Gas Prices – The JoeBama energy policy is “necessarily” making fuel prices at the pump jump dramatically.  The teleprompter is loaded with disinformation to place the blame for higher gas prices upon a pipeline hack, which JoeBama intentionally points out is a private sector issue – that now needs government intervention as part of his infrastructure program. This nuanced shift is clearly part of the Chicago maneuver toward socialist control of all levels of energy development and distribution.

The political risk is obvious.  Massive increases at the gas pump will hit the middle class extremely hard.  Democrats are to blame for these gas prices and they are worried about the political fallout.  Ergo, JoeBama is told to read his script.

(2) Mass Unemployment  and Terrible Jobs Numbers –  The COVID bailout has created massive incentives for people not to return to work.  It is only not a laziness and comfortable dependency issue, it is also an economic decision.  Low wage workers can make more sitting at home getting unemployment to combine with their COVID bailout money than they can returning to work.

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