China warns of MISSILE STRIKE On Australia?! | VikingLifeBlog

Australia is “more realistic about where we are” in relation to war with China than the United States is, according to former US naval intelligence officer John Jordan.

“The trick is understanding concepts that exist on a spectrum, it’s not all or nothing, it’s not military action or peace, there’s economic, there’s political, there’s intelligence, there’s different domains to conflict,” he told Sky News.

“Right now the United States and Australia are engaged in several levels of some domains of conflict with China already, it hasn’t escalated, it hasn’t gotten very hot but certainly in terms economics that conflict has gone to a different level now.”

Mr Jordan said one of the issues with the conflict brewing between China, and the United States and Australia is the lack of “coherent strategy” when it comes to dealing with China and it reflects on how US President Joe Biden is seen.

“The Chinese do not take Biden seriously when he is yet to articulate a clear policy towards Asia.”

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