A summary of a possible biological conspiracy turning into a pandemic

by tonytran2015

This whole thing of SARS2 Covid-19 happenng looks like an underworld bussiness deal went sour: America provided assistance, China people do research on the dual use “Gain of Function” with an intention to apply to biological war. Accidental release occured. Everyone denies knowledge of anything.

America assisted a project in Wuhan, China. The pesky social media discovered some of its details (videos of a new plague by citizen journalists from Wuhan, the visit of USS Roosevelt to Vietnam and its Covid contamination). Chinese and American intelligence organizations got in to suppress the story. The pandemic occured. Democratically elected US President Trump blew the lid. Eipstein were brazenly killed in high security prison. Too much details got out. Fake news-Capitalism-Congress Complex moved in. Biden got in and realized that it is futile to keep on denying. Fake news were set and released by the bad guys to blur the track of the pandemic. Money trails from the initial collaboration were discovered.

So we have to wait and see if the tales of earliest Covid symptoms were genuine or fake news.