(BEIJING, China.) FEATURED: #Coronavirus Report: Medical researchers with the Chinese army engineered mice with humanised lungs in 2019 to test viruses on them, it has been reported #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services


#AceNewsReport – June.07: Investigators with the U.S. National Security Council, researching the origins of the pandemic, determined that the mice referenced in the study were created in the summer of 2019 – just months before the emergence of the pandemic.

#CoronavirusNewsDesk – CHINA: The mice, developed using CRISPR gene-editing technology, were mentioned in an April 2020 study which researched their susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the #COVID19 illness, Vanity Fair revealed in its bombshell investigation: Of the study’s 23 co-authors, 11 of them worked for the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, the medical research institute for the Chinese army.