The Safest Way to Open a Can Without a Can Opener – The way I see things …

Comment by tonytran2015: It is very easy to use one hand to hold the can and the other to safely hold the sharp, strong tip of a HEAVY blade firmly against the puncture point on the top lid of the can. The sharp edge of the blade is kept safely away from both hands. Raise the whole configuration of can and blade upwards by one foot (30 cm), then lower it to the original position with some speed. The can will be stopped suddenly by the table top while the inertia of the blade will cause it to puncture the can.


H/T Mental Floss.

This is a useful hack to know if you do not have and need a can opener.

I was given a P-38 can opener fifty years ago that I still carry.

… you might find yourself eager to tuck into a can of baked beans, only to find that you have no way of actually breaching its thin metal lid.

But, as Country Living explains, the lid is much flimsier than most of the other metal utensils in your kitchen. And while you may be inclined to reach for the biggest, sharpest one—say, a butcher’s knife— to open the can, you can actually get the job done without stabbing it like a murderer in a hokey horror film

Your best bet is a spoon...

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