When Did America Go Berserk? | PA Pundits – International


By Burt Prelutsky ~

Never in the history of mankind has a disease been as politicized as the Wuhan virus, and never has the medical profession been so easily cowed and manipulated.

It’s not an idle question. We can all trace the origin of the Coronavirus to a military facility passing itself off as a virology lab in Wuhan, China. But when did widespread insanity break out in this country?

A couple of years ago, would you have believed that cops would be ordered to stand down while gangs looted and burned down our cities and toppled our statues?

Would you have believed that governors and mayors would be able to use an overhyped virus to deny us our constitutional freedoms of speech, assembly and religion?

Would you have believed that instead of prosecuting criminals, district attorneys, handpicked and financed by Mr. Evil Incarnate, George Soros, would be using their authority to release felons from jail?

Would you have believed that anyone would be regarded as courageous for merely declaring that males should not be allowed to compete against females in athletic competitions; that there are only two sexes; and that eight-year-olds should not be permitted to undergo a regimen of hormones and radical surgery because they would prefer to be a member of the other sex because “boys have more fun” or “girls are treated nicer”?