Craig Murray: FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

The US may have to come up with yet another last-minute, bogus indictment in Julian Assange’s extradition proceeding. From Craig Murray at

Thordarson was always the most unreliable of witnesses, and it seems impossible to believe FBI cooperation with him was ever any more than deliberate fabrication of evidence by the FBI, says Craig Murray.

On the final day of the Assange extradition hearing, magistrate Vanessa Baraitser refused to accept an affidavit from Assange’s solicitor Gareth Peirce, on the grounds it was out of time. The affidavit explained that the defense had been unable to respond to the new accusations in the United States government’s second superseding indictment, because these wholly new matters had been sprung on them just six weeks before the hearing resumed on Sept. 8, 2020.

The defense had not only to gather evidence from Iceland, but had virtually no access to Assange to take his evidence and instructions, as he was effectively in solitary confinement in Belmarsh. The defense had requested an adjournment to give them time to address the new accusations, but this adjournment had been refused by Baraitser.

She now refused to accept Gareth Peirce’s affidavit setting out these facts.

What had happened was this. The hearings on the Assange extradition in January 2020 did not seem to be going well for the U.S. government. The arguments that political extradition is specifically banned by the UK/U.S. extradition treaty, and that the publisher was not responsible for Chelsea Manning’s whistleblowing on war crimes, appeared to be strong. The U.S. Justice Department had decided that it therefore needed a new tack and to discover some “crimes” by Assange that seemed less noble than the Manning revelations.

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COVID live updates: Queensland’s Chief Health Officer ‘doesn’t want under-40s to get AstraZeneca’, Palaszczuk demands PM explain who authorised change in advice – ABC News

Dr Young:

they are at increased risk of getting – it is rare, but they are at
increased risk of getting the rare clotting syndrome. We’ve seen up to
49 deaths in the UK from that syndrome.

I don’t want an 18-year-old in Queensland dying from a clotting illness who, if they got COVID probably wouldn’t die.
We’ve had very few deaths due to COVID-19 in Australia in people under
the age of 50, and wouldn’t it be terrible that our first 18-year-old in
Queensland to who dies related to this pandemic died because of the

Human Rights Watch reveals harassment, surveillance of Chinese students studying in Australia – ABC News

Students fear being ‘doxed’

is among almost 50 students and academics who spoke to Human Rights
Watch, as it investigated allegations of intimidation, harassment and
surveillance of Chinese and Hong Kong students on Australian university

BIS warns on house price rises, run-up in government debt amid ultra-low interest rates – ABC News

  • The Bank for International Settlements is optimistic the global economy has weathered the worst of the COVID storm
  • The BIS warns that a global surge in house prices may lead to lower economic growth in the medium term
  • It also warns governments not to count on continued low interest rates to stay on top of their growing debts

GPs back AstraZeneca push but warn more work required to change COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy – ABC News

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on
Immunisation (ATAGI) recommends Pfizer as the preferred vaccine for
Australians under the age of 60, with states and territories now allowing people aged between 40 and 59 to book appointments to get the

ATAGI recommends AstraZeneca as the preferred
vaccine for Australians over the age of 60, due to the risk of very rare blood clotting disorders linked to the vaccine in younger people.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the advice does not preclude persons under 60 from getting the AstraZeneca vaccine. On Monday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced anyone under the age of 40 could now approach their GP and request the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Shaky rebuttal by Australian Home Affairs Minister

Comment by tonytran2015: The immediate family of a citizen or permanent resident do not automatically become citizens or permanent residents. The rebuttal is faulty.

Andrews disputes arrivals stats

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews has rejected a suggestion around half of people arriving from overseas and entering hotel quarantine are not citizens or permanent residents.

Queensland’s Deputy Premier Steven Miles made the suggestion earlier this week,..

Ms Andrews told Nine Radio Mr Miles’ claim isn’t correct.

“More than 80 percent of people going into hotel quarantine are Australian citizens, permanent residents or their immediate family,” she said.

“Absolutely Shameless”: WH Press Secretary Blames Republicans For Defunding Police | ZeroHedge News | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki drew ire Monday by suggesting that the defund the police movement is being driven by Republicans, rather than extremist Democrats.

In another exchange with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, Psaki argued that the lack of support on the right for Biden’s massive pork filled COVID relief bill equates to wanting to defund law enforcement…

Republicans didn’t vote for the bill because it had nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with more government control.

Psaki used the fact that there was some slated funding for ‘community policing’ in the bill to argue that Republicans are against funding the police.

Liberty Nation’s Tim Donner adds that this followed Cedric Richmond, senior adviser to the president, laying out the carefully spun talking points on Fox News this weekend:…

In reality, it is Democrats that have been pushing defunding police for over a year now, which has had devastating effect on Democrat run cities.

Last year after unrest and violence targeting police, Harvard university Professor Roland Fryer urged that defunding the police would cause more loss of life, citing figures showing that there are “450 excess homicides per year” when police are not able to do their jobs proficiently….

Source: “Absolutely Shameless”: WH Press Secretary Blames Republicans For Defunding Police

How long has the U.S. Government been Sticking it to us? | Jim Campbell’s

By Jim Campbell

June 29th, 2021

It’s a safe bet to suggest it’s been far longer.

Remember the saying, “Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Absolutely Corrupts.”

One of the great vestiges of the Cold War is the Green brier bunker, a facility built to house all 535 members of Congress in the event of a nuclear attack.

In 1955, Dwight D. Eisenhower instructed the Department of Defense to draft emergency plans for Congress in case of a nuclear strike.

I do find it interesting that the federal government would build a bunker to house all the members of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate their families and the president and vice-presidents with little concern for their constituents.

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Think Biden Encourages Illegal Immigration | Truth2Freedom’s Blog
President Joe Biden and his administration desperately want to sweep the catastrophic border crisis under the rug, but the American people won’t let them off the hook anytime soon, judging […] The post appeared first on The Western Journal . Source: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Think Biden Encourages Illegal Immigration

FAKE NEWS ALERT. The useful idiots on Twitter are going crazy – Trump:The American Years

I’m no Alex Jones fan,never have been, but this attack on him