Banned Again ๐Ÿ˜ž โ€“ Trump:The American Years

Twitter banned me-no explanation

facebook banned me-no explanation

This time it was a conservative site and the same story. The last time they approved one of my comments was in Feb of this year. i hadnโ€™t ๐Ÿ˜žposted any comments after that-but every single comment up to that month had been approved.A pretty good track record. i put up a number of comment this July-6 months later-and the comments suddenly started disappearing.

Long story,short i concluded i must have been banned. Emailed the admin,questioned why and got no response. Two aspects of this bug me. I thought unlike Twitter and Facebook i would get an explanation-even a warning would have worked. The other is free speech. What on earth did i say that warranted a ban with no explanation?

The ban kind of bugs me,but the lack of an explanation or even a chance with a warning first, bugs me even more. Twitter and Facebook i could care less. i always thought Facebook was a hot mess and didnโ€™t go there often anyway.

Life goes on. There was life after Twitter. There are dozens and then some quality conservative blogs. i just happened to like this particular site a great deal. Meantime i pulled their link and at some point here iโ€™m going to redo the blog roll.[No, it is not on the blog roll. Never was.I just need to get it updated and highlight a few of the best]

Iโ€™m of the mind when you ban someone they are owed a warning first and an explanation after.I donโ€™t know how i went from having all of my comments approved to suddenly being banned.i donโ€™t do spam and i NEVER advocate for violence.

At first thought it might be a browser issue,but i did a little test and there was no other explanation except a ban.The comments would vanish immediately. There was no way on earth that was a browser problem.

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