Debunking the Left’s Favorite and Most Ironic “Private Company” Argument for Censorship. – WarOnPress

July 15, 2021

The lefties are greatly disadvantaged in any
public square with floating their poorly formed ideas. Under the most
casual scrutiny, the veneer crumbles and they are left as exposed as the
emperor (as they see themselves,) with no clothes.

What they lack for in morals they make up for indignation, and their
lack of information and logic is compensated with the stubborn
determination of a zealot. These qualities are apparent when they
appear on a street. Any questions, or logical arguments they encounter
are answered only with bullhorns and the chanting of mantras.

Online, their behavior isn’t much different, with repeating hashtags

to game the all-important command of “twitter trends,” and, rather than
to pause for a moment and ask whether they might actually be wrong about
something, they get busy what few tools they have in their box. When calling everyone “racist,” or “xenophobe” or whatever of their usual insults fall flat, they get busy with reporting for “violations” of an
increasingly nebulous set of “Community Standards,” that are then either selectively enforced, or, as is increasingly the case would only apply to conservatives.