More Deaths Among Vaccinated With Pfizer Than AstraZeneca – AZ Report – Sputnik International—report/

20:48 GMT 26.05.2021(updated 12:16 GMT 27.05.2021)

(Sputnik) – Mortality rate after the use of the Pfizer coronavirus
vaccine in six European countries is significantly higher than after the
AstraZeneca vaccine, the company’s report, obtained by Sputnik on
Wednesday, showed.

The Moscow office of the vaccine manufacturer confirmed to Sputnik the authenticity of the document.

“AstraZeneca confirms that it authored the document. This information
was not intended for public release,” the company’s spokesperson said.

The 12-page report, titled “Restoring
Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines and Improved Co-operation Between
Regulatory, Healthcare Agencies and Pharmaceutical Companies — A Call
for Action,” provides statistical data that shows that the total number
of fatal cases per million administered doses of the vaccine in France,
Germany, the UK, Norway, Austria and Italy, is almost three times higher
for Pfizer than AstraZeneca.

According to the statistics submitted by the governments and related
medical agencies, France registered 45.3 fatal cases per million doses
for Pfizer versus 17.9 for AstraZeneca. For Germany, the numbers are
29.9 versus 6.5, respectively, for the UK — 20.7 and 24.2, Norway —
164.3 and 44.6, Austria — 47.5 and 7.5, and Italy — 10.9 and 7.3.