Mainstream admits Covid propaganda has collapsed – Europe Renaissance

Comment by tonytran2015: The pandemic is real but the Deep State had overplayed the event to topple governments and rip-off people of all nations.

THE NEW YORK POST is breaking ranks with regime-collaborating
mainstream media: ‘One of the most underrated aspects of human behaviour
is how much disillusioned expectations dictate our perceptions of
reality. Largely because none of us has ever dealt with a pandemic
before and, therefore, we have no experience on which to draw
comparisons, this has been particularly true when it comes to dealing
with the coronavirus.

Since the beginning of this nightmare, the news media have done a
horrifying of job of providing much-needed context and perspective to
the COVID data that have driven so much of our lives for the last year
and a half. This has been especially the case with regard to the recent hysteria over the ‘Delta variant’ causing a large spike in the daily number of positive tests, both here in America and in many other places around the world…

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