We got the bill for having a baby – $37,000. Welcome to life in America

Last week the hospital bill finally came. The cost of an uncomplicated vaginal birth? $37,617.69. The bulk of the charge was for three nights’ “room and board” in a semi-private room (containing two beds separated by a curtain) which was $10,350 a night. Our health insurance covers about $31,000 – leaving us with a balance…

4 thoughts on “We got the bill for having a baby – $37,000. Welcome to life in America

  1. Is there something fundamentally flawed inside the American economic model?And yet so many countries seemingly hold it up as a country which should be emulated?Many years back I was conversing with a fellow traveler who said he thought “America was a third world country only with money”.It still rings true in my head today!

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    • Most of my Australian friends who have traveled to America have a firm opinion that they would never want to live there.

      From the macroeconomic point of view, we can see that most economic activities in USA are in legal, paralegal, administratives, legal-medicine, para-health fields. So it is obviously in very, very bad shape.

      We can have a nation full of lawyers and social do-gooders but famine and poverty can still rule.

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      • Good to hear the Aussie perspective on things.Here in aviation as well as other things there is a definite airbridge here between us and USA.My uncle from London who lives in Sydney sees UK-USA as the same thing.I went to a seminar at a central London university they bragged about being friends with Hilary Clinton.A guest speaker spoke and I asked her in front of the packed lecture hall,why you come here to London and hold up your economic model,cos it’s not worth following.Needless to say I was overlooked and ignored- but hey who cares?

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