It is time to realize that Every country has the government it deserves.

It is time to realize that Every country has the government it deserves.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Every country has the government it deserves (Joseph de Maistre ).

1.As each nation is formed by people mostly of the same race and culture, it has to carry their characters.

Being of people mostly of the same race does not preclude a nation from having relatively small complementary minorities which live harmoniously within the majority.

For example a nation of tall people also value the contribution of people of smaller physical sizes as they help in making fine components used in their large, big pieces of equipment.

In a culture where kinship is above all, tribalism will prevail. This is the cause for the rise and the existence of the Underworld in Italy as the secrets of the crime figures will not be revealed by their relatives.

In a culture where communal values are secondary to short term personal gains corruption will prevail. Corruption and the open trading of sectorial benefits will destroy any democracy and any prospect of social progress. In such a society it is acceptable to steal public infrastructure to benefit the group that first tear it down and can get away with it.

Neither every nation in the World has the same culture, nor the same concept of social values. So it is not reasonable to expect their political system will epouse “equality, liberty and humanity” or “democracy and nothing else”.

2. Artificial grouping by externally imposed rules will dissolve fast to regroup.

Actually, some so called “nations” are not even nations and their people had been grouped together by accidents of history during colonial time. The cultures of those “nations” often only support organized groups of no more than 10,000 and the colonizers forced them to adhere together as groups of 10,000,000 which their cultures cannot deal with.

After de-colonization those artificial, culturally unsupported “nations” (in Africa, in the Middle-East) will self-dissolve and regroup into their culturally supported “mini-nations”.

Examples of fast dissolution and regrouping are:

Czechkosovakia becoming Czech and Sovakia, British Colony of India becoming India, Pakistan, Bangadesh, Sri Lanka, Yugoslavia becoming the Balkan Republics.

Other examples of unknown destiny are Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Ethopia, Somalia, South Somalia, Malaynesian Island nations, South Pacific nations.

Examples of loose federation retaining externally imposed grouping are:

African nations, Pacific Island nations.

Examples of colonization imposed grouping are:

Russian indigenous Eskimo people, American Eskimo, Canadian Eskimo, Greenland Inuits.

3. Nations built on homogeneous race and cultures have more cohesion and are more resilient.

In time of hardship their people will stick together to overcome hardship [4]. Examples are Japan, pre-1945 European nations [5], Russia [6], Ukraine [7]

A nation formed of different races/cultures with nearly equal size is prone to breaking up. Examples are Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Iraq.

A nation formed of different races/cultures with only a common interest of blaming/exploiting each other is ready to breaking up [8,9] (USA may soon be one of this list).

At the extreme, it is a set up for a blood bath if different races having unkind views of each other are locked up together inside a nation imposed by external forces. With the smallest agitation, there might be bloody revenge against former or imagined misdeeds (Rwanda genocide, the Bosnian war).

So we need to accept that:

It is futile to benevolently impose a democratic government on a nation that does not support it on its own.

4. Applications to current World politics.

4a. A successful nation should not risk its own dissolution by trying to be a mini United Nation. Mass immigration of people from totally different cultures will turn the nation into a mini copy of the dysfunctional United Nation.

4b. It is certainly suicidal for a nation to allow any of its groups of citizens to discriminate others in the nation on religious or racial ground to form a nation within nation.

USA is on its path to the cliff with this mistake of allowing the forming of nation within nation.

4c. International powers/forces should not try to form any artificial “nation” where none could have existed previously in that same environment. Some lands are best left with their religious government system. Where the culture is highly religious, only a religious government is the suitable government. Some lands are best left with their tribal system. Where the culture is for tribalism, only tribes are suitable system of government.

4d. National borders encourage responsibility and sustainable development in each individual nation. Free migration can be viewed as destruction of cultural heritage and robbery of the inheritance of the descendants of responsible citizens ([12,13,14]). Free migration encourages (unsustainable) looting and exploitation by the elites of their kinsmen as they can escape retribution from their victims.

4e. ” Civil war” in any country such as Afghanistan [15,16] should be viewed from other angles with new questions like:

Was there a long established Afghanistan?

Was Afghanistan only recently formed as a buffer zone between Russia and English colonies?

Is it more natural to let Afghanistan dissolve and reformed into culturally/religiously based nations?

“Civil wars” in Iraq, Syria should also be similarly viewed under new light.

4f. Civil wars may be actually movements for “equitable partition” and may be amicably settled to avoid lengthening grievance generated by forced imposition of “national unity”.

External forces should not view any partition as inherently bad and should avoid intervention.


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