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Image Credit: Stanislav Karatanov

On Friday evening, … The Russian Northern Fleet reported about its vessels location.

Today, a detachment of ships and support vessels, headed by the large anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov of the Northern Fleet, passed the Pas-de-Calais and continues to move southward in the English Channel.

Russian Northern Fleet Statement.

Along with the anti-submarine ship, there is a Russian corvette military ship Gremyachchiy from the Pacific Fleet and a minesweeper vessel Vladimir Emelyanov from the Black Sea Fleet…

The news of the anti-submarine ship passing through English waters comes on the same month that Russian attack submarines conducted several deep penetration missions far underwater carrying hypersonic missiles. Recently, it was revealed that a large number of Russian Borei-class nuclear powered submarines dived beyond 500metres in an attempt to enter the Atlantic Ocean undetected. These submaries carry Zircon 3M22 hypersonic missiles that have speeds of 2.7km per second.

More details to follow.

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