Tailor or failure: Why learn to sew?


…In Australia we pretty much don’t manufacture anything, and in the 1980s
when the tariffs were abolished (remember the buy Australian campaign?)
we all said “bugger buy Australian: that Chinese garbage is really cheap!!” and the first of our industries to suffer was clothing

This all fills me with sadness…

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    • You won’t get protected by the Geneva convention when you wear any uniform of other combatants.

      During WW2, some US soldiers wore German uniforms outside their US uniforms in their mission. Unfortunately, the German captured them and executed them for pretending to be German soldiers. This is a true story.

      So don’t do it.

      Tony, 😄


    • Fully agreed.
      In China, the wedding gifts to every newly married couple were 1/- a sewing machine to reduce clothing costs and keeping up in appearance and 2/- a bicycle to go to work.
      That custom may or may not persist to this time, I don’t know.

      The loss of clothing industry had affected a number of my friends. However, it is not all loss. The clothing industry is now spread around many countries and the prices do remain low. There are still high end clothings made in Australia.

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      • Good. Would you think about posting links to the Australian businesses? The International-Nationalist community might benefit from knowing about them, and it might behove the businesses too. I know I myself try (operative keyword) try to source my goods from Western companies as I can. Shipping is likely a bastard, but some might have the funds for it. Obviously, don’t do it if it could hurt the business, my understanding is things in Australia are… Hairy… As it goes.


        • I don’t actually know the names of the Australian businesses. I only know that my female friends are still making very expensive women’s wears (underwears?) using very thin fabric which is held by vacuum to some table having thousands of vacuum pores.

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