Guideline to live inexpensively – Steven Li’s Personal Site

  1. Reduce wants and needs from the marketplace to a minimum to decouple the buy-work connection.
  2. Decrease the volume and size but increase the sophistication of your activities and possessions.
  3. Measure prosperity by less activity, not more. Do fewer useless things
  4. Work for the purpose of earning money for no more than five hours a week.
  5. Avoid generating waste and find ways to use the waste of others.
  6. Learn to use the system to your advantage.
  7. Serve yourself rather than having others serve you.
  8. Keep running costs down buy(?) pay for value.
  9. Maintain health to avoid the personal and monetary cost of sickness.
  10. Build up the capital to live as a capitalist
  11. Focus on productive assets rather than stuff.
  12. Focus on developing skills rather than on passive entertainment.
  13. Gain the maximum in satisfaction with the minimum expenditure of money and energy.

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