Business Secretary to block Chinese bid to take over British chip-maker after national security fears | ukgovernmentwatch

The takeover of a Welsh graphene maker could be blocked after Kwasi Kwarteng intervened on national security grounds.

The Business Secretary has ordered an investigation into an attempt to buy Perpetuus Advanced Materials by a company called Taurus International and a Chinese scientist.

There are also concerns about Aberystwyth university academic Zhongfu Zhou’s involvement in the merger.

Zhou was educated in China at the prestigious University of Science & Technology in Beijing, where he gained a PhD in 1998. After years of research at other institutions – including Oxford – he moved to Aberystwyth in 2010. He is listed as being Perpetuus’ chief nanotechnology specialist.

It is the second national security interventionKwarteng has launched in a matter of weeks after he waded into the sale of Ultra Electronics to Advent International last month.

Advent, through its British group Cobham, is trying to buy the submarine-hunting kit maker for £2.6billion. The Competition and Markets Authority will now have until February to prepare a detailed report on the potential takeover of Perpetuus – and the Secretary of State will then make a decision.

Few details about the deal have been released so far.

Taurus International Ltd was registered last year by a property businessman called Victor Gembala, according to records on Companies House. It is not clear how much Taurus and Zhou are offering for Perpetuus or how the deal has been structured. But the company’s strategic significance has been underlined, as at least a quarter of a particular type of graphene technology and services supplied in the UK come from Perpetuus.

Perpetuus is to provide functionalized graphene, in sheet or roll form, for G24’s production of a range of advanced graphene-enabled components

Stronger than steel and thinner than paper, Graphene is widely expected to become a key ‘super-material’ of the future.

JAggelos, Salisbury, United Kingdom,
They are pumping it into our water supply, Chem trailing it in the air we breath and filling the jabs with it! Neuro control! Tin foil hat conspiracy theories? Read the peer reviewed scientific papers, especially those published for those working with the CIA and other interesting organisations who of course have our best interests at heart. What could possibly go wrong?

Angel Mail, Somewhere, United Kingdom,
It’s in the vaccines. No wonder they want it.

Still Fed Up, Middle of nowhere, Antarctica,
Stop it. China just steals technology.

blencathra, RUGBY, United Kingdom
and don’t forget the yanks hoovering up everything

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