The inhuman Covid extortion racket run by many Vietnamese hospitals

The inhuman Covid extortion racket run by many Vietnamese hospitals

by tonytran2015.

Despite the Vietnamese Congressional Law and Health Ministerial Order that the costs of Covid disease diagnosis and treatment are born by the government, and treatments should be free, Vietnamese Hospitals are still illegally charging the poor, uninformed Vietnamese patients (who have been sent there for isolation and treatment by the government) with sky high bills under the pretext of provisional payments by patients often in the order of USD 20,000 which is OUTRAGEOUS for a Country with an unequal nominal per capita GDP of USD 3,700 with many poor people earning less than USD 3.20 daily. One of such scandalous extortion case from Binh Tan Hospital in HCM City is well publicized in Vietnamese news sources. Some hospitals requires “voluntary contributions” and have asked the government to allow it. Even cremation costs for deceased patients also get doubled.

Hospitals are now ILLEGALLY retaining uninformed Covid patients and don’t release them with Green Cards (certifying that they had recovered from Covid) until they have paid the ILLEGAL “hospital discharge fees” which runs between USD 5000 to USD 20,000. Patients who cannot pay are retained in the dangerous infectious environment of the hospital and are left to sleep under the tents in the yard or the veranda of the hospital in cold and wet weather. Actually patients are allowed by Vietnamese laws to discharge themselved from hospitals although they are still liable to the bills but the uninformed patients don’t dare to challenge the hospitals.

“Hospital discharge fees” are currently acting as bribes collected by hospitals and letting to sleep under tents in cold wet weather is acting as a kind of torture of the retained patients.

In such ILLEGAL, DANGEROUS, torturous retention of patients by hospitals, the weakened patients may easily get reinfested with Covid or get infested from another disease for which the hospital can legally charge them with new bills.

Vietnamese authority should immediately stamp out this extortion racket.