Record number of China planes enter Taiwan air defence zone – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: This is an old tactics. If Taiwan and its allies show any gap in its defence, China may launch a surprise overwhelming attack, leaving the Western World looking at an already done event.

Taiwan has urged Beijing to stop “irresponsible provocative actions” after a record number of Chinese warplanes entered its air defence zone.

Monday’s incursion marks the fourth straight day of incursions by Chinese
aircraft, with almost 150 aircraft sent into Taiwan’s defence zone in total.

6 thoughts on “Record number of China planes enter Taiwan air defence zone – BBC News

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    This is out of Joe Biden’s league. He hasn’t a clue, and as we all know has been compromised by China. CHINA OWNS JOE BIDEN. The Socialist agenda of Joe Biden upon the U.S. was bought by China. The payoff is in Joe’s (The Big Guy’s) bank account via the Hunter Biden express! Joe won’t/can’t put any pressure on China. He looks away!

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        • It is more than intimidation. I think China would overrun Taiwan during Biden’s term in a lightning strike like it had done to Tibet. Currently the US Alliance is least prepared, with General Mark Milley is Chief of Staff of the Army.

          Chinese history shows that it does not refrain from wars whether economically, culturally or militarily. Right now its economic war is unsuccessful so it would attack militarily if given half a chance.

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