Danish Health Minister Threatens to “Shut Down Society” if More People Don’t Get Vaccinated – Nwo Report


The Danish health minister is threatening to “shut down society” if more people don’t get vaccinated after the country experienced a COVID spike despite over 75 percent of the population being fully vaccinated…

8 thoughts on “Danish Health Minister Threatens to “Shut Down Society” if More People Don’t Get Vaccinated – Nwo Report

    • It is the same in Victoria, Australia.

      Suddenly they victimize unvaccinated while at the same time they run propaganda (every day now) on BBC radio saying that gay men are not guilty of causing HIV through their life style.

      It is clearly a double standard.

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      • Yeah. Are they… What is it now? I forget what it is. But we call our… Can I say queers in Australian internet? Anyway, magazines run these ridiculous damage control ads. Something like “sex positive” or some trite thing. Double standard. Is it like that there too, with the euphemisms and the glossy language to cover up the generally horrible side effects and underbellies associated with alternative “life” styles?

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        • Australia has now less tyranny for political correctness than USA. People can still debate on the issues caused by LGBTQ.

          But recently all English language marriage and love advertisements on free to air tv suddenly became fully LGBTQ.

          The good news is it is still legal in Australia to set up your own satellite receivers to receive non-LGBTQ broadcasting from China or Asian countries.

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          • Well, I’m glad to hear that. Always wanted to see Australia. From all I’ve heard, the Aussies until very, I mean very recently have maintained a wonderful acumen. With policies that sound nice that I wished New England had, to boot. But my knowledge of Australia is confined to 1990s films, and podcasts like TASOB and Radio Albion. And a few books I read long enough ago that I’ve forgotten the names.

            I don’t suppose you can write Old England and tell them to buck up? I’d really love to tour the Anglosphere someday, but right now I’m afraid my heart isn’t in it.

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