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Tips for starting a bucket garden

If you use buckets, you can easily move your plants inside during a frost, heavy rain or wind storm. The buckets will also make it easier to bring out your plants into the sunshine during spring.

Use a food-grade bucket because using old buckets that may have been used to store toxic substances can cause chemicals to leech into the plastic.

Look for food-grade buckets at local restaurants that may give away buckets that once stored food items. Alternatively, you can purchase new food-grade buckets online or from big box stores.

Aside from buckets, you will also need other gardening staples, such as:

  • Plants or seeds – In some cases it’s better to start live plants in containers instead of seeds.
  • A growing medium (potting mix or potting soil) – Don’t buy garden soil for your containers. Instead, make your own potting mixes that are designed to allow for drainage, which is important for container growing.
  • Plant stakes or cages – Some plants like cucumbers and tomatoes need stakes or cages.

Once you get your food-grade buckets, prepare them for planting. Drill or punch a few holes in the bottom of the bucket. One hole about every three inches should do it.

Leave about two inches of loose gravel in the bottom of the bucket for better drainage. Then fill the buckets with a high-quality potting soil mix that includes peat moss and compost. Leave enough room for the plants themselves.

Plant either seeds or starter plants in five-gallon buckets. Water your crops well and check for the soil’s moisture level for further watering. Container plants usually need daily watering during summer because they can dry out rapidly. (Related: Home gardening tips: 8 Small space gardening options that won’t break the bank.)

Here are 17 of the best vegetables to grow in five-gallon buckets:


Both pole beans and bush beans will grow well in buckets.

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