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China has a secret plan for a military base in the Pacific that’s, well, no longer that secret. The New York Times reports that the Solomon Islands has been in talks with China about the deal, and that’s it’s already been drawn up. In this episode of China Uncensored, we look at why China might be interested in such a deal, the history of Chinese influence in the Solomon Islands, and how other countries are reacting to the proposed deal.

Britain, allies agree to provide Ukraine with air defense, artillery systems

Britain, allies agree to provide Ukraine with air defense, artillery systems

Britain, allies agree to provide Ukraine with air defense, artillery systems

Britain and its allies have agreed to send more lethal military aid to Ukraine to help defend it against Russia’s invasion.
That’s according to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, Ukrinform reported citing Reuters.

“There’ll be more lethal aid going into Ukraine as a result of today.
A number of countries have come forward either with new ideas or indeed
more pledges of money,” Wallace told reporters after hosting over 35
international partners at the second International Defense Donor
Conference for Ukraine (IDDCU).

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The aid will include the provision of air and coastal defense
systems, longer-range artillery and counter-battery capabilities,
armored vehicles, as well as wider training and logistical support.

“Today’s donor conference demonstrates the international community’s
determination to support Ukraine in the face of President Putin’s
illegal and unprovoked invasion by Russian forces,” Wallace said in a
later statement.

It was Too Bad Nixon Didn’t Have the Media Goons that Biden has Now – Trump:The American Years

Richard Millhouse Nixon stepped down in disgrace probably due to the investigative reporting of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein for the Washington Post. It gave Carl the phrase ‘worse than Watergate’. It was too bad Nixon didn’t have the media on his detail like Hillary Clinton and the Biden’s do now. They would have done a fantastic job of covering up for him. Biden is not only corrupt but mentally checked out. Nixon’s worst crime was the cover up.

He was mentally capable of discharging the duties of President. More than can be said for Biden. Our media has a full time job now that’s for sure….

Australian Senator Walks into Parliament and Drops Truth Bombs About Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum – Nwo Report

South Australian parliament member exposes WEF’s subversive communist ideologies.’You don’t have to be a political philosopher to figure out that if you own nothing, the state owns everything. There’s another word for this: it’s called Communism.’

Source: Adan Salazar

A South Australian senator lifted the curtain on the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda during a recent parliament meeting, exposing it as a subversive communist ploy.

On Tuesday, Senator Alex Antic, a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, broke down how the WEF steers global politics by installing Young Global Leaders in positions of power across the world.

To expose this, Antic quoted WEF founder Klaus Schwab himself, who infamously bragged about installing Young Global Leaders in several world government cabinets, saying, “We penetrate the cabinets… I know that half of this cabinet or even more than half are actually Young Global Leaders of the WEF.”

Antic told parliament members, “The World Economic Forum promotes globalist issues such as climate change, so-called systemic sex and racism and creating an online digital identity.”

“However, closer inspection reveals the WEF is an anti-capitalist, anti-free market organization that seeks to subvert Western values and political processes and they’re very organized and very well-funded.”

TRENDING: U.S. Military Deaths Up 1100% And Exponentially Rising

“Their message,” he continued, “is designed to appear harmless, when in fact the ideology that underpins it is revolutionary and destructive.”

The senator for South Australia went on to explain the WEF was instrumental in promoting the harshest Covid restrictions on the planet, “including lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports, and mask mandates, despite these policies assaulting many of our basic liberties.”

Antic also broke down the WEF’s central ideology of “stakeholder capitalism,” which assumes that “traditional free-market capitalism ignores the dangers posed by climate change, and so the government must enforce restrictive policies to save the environment – even if that means less wealth.”

Schwab’s “Great Reset,” Antic explained, seeks to “reimagine and reinvent” society and policies in the wake of the pandemic. He also exposed how its 2030 goal of “own nothing and be happy” is a thinly-veiled communist slogan.

“You don’t have to be a political philosopher to figure out that if you own nothing, the state owns everything. There’s another word for this: it’s called Communism.”

The senator concluded with a call to action for Australians to learn more about the WEF’s Marxist agenda before their country’s no longer recognizable.

“No matter how sophisticated the WEF tries to make the abolition of private property around the world sound, the fantasies of Karl Marx always lead to the crushing of individuals’ liberties and lives and the expansion of the state’s tyranny and power.”

“It is imperative that we pay close attention to the World Economic Forum and do all that we can to preserve liberty and reduce government intrusion in our lives, and if we fail to do so, the anti-democratic forces in the west will continue to march on and we may wake up to an Australia that we no longer recognize.”

“Australians deserve to know the extent to which the World Economic Forum’s influence and infiltration of our country, and how far it has gone and we’re gonna find out.”

With liberal propaganda reaching alarming proportions and seeping into every aspect of society, it’s more necessary than ever that elected representatives take a cue from Senator Antic and begin sounding the alarm about the WEF’s nefarious Great Reset agenda.

Robot Dogs with Loudspeakers Enforce Shanghai Lockdown – Nwo Report

China still pursuing disastrous ‘zero COVID’ policy.

Authorities in Shanghai are relying on robot dogs with loudspeakers strapped to their backs to enforce the latest round of COVID lockdowns…

Ukraine war: Russian troops leave Chernobyl, Ukraine says – BBC News

Russian troops occupying the former nuclear power plant at Chernobyl have left, the plant’s staff say.

According to Ukraine’s state nuclear company Energoatom, staff at the plant said there are currently no “outsiders” at the site…

Pfizer Cover-up Exposed! | Call Me Stormy

Josh Sigurdson reports the latest whistleblower to come out against Pfizer, who was previously offered a bribe for his silence, is warning of the Covid vaccine dangers.

Dr. Paul Alexander, a consultant-researcher in evidence-based medicine, says Pfizer offered him a lump sum of $1 million and a $50,000-per-month job to keep quiet about the dangers of Covid injections. This revelation follows Pfizer’s manipulation of the media surrounding the content in vaccines. Here’s more from …

French intelligence chief Vidaud fired over Russian war failings – BBC News

The head of French military intelligence, Gen Eric Vidaud, is losing his
job after failing to predict Russia’s war in Ukraine, reports say.

Seven months after he took on the role, one report said he was blamed for
“inadequate briefings” and a “lack of mastery of subjects”.

Ukraine war: The Syrians signing up to fight for Russia – BBC News

Russia says it has signed up some 16,000 recruits from the Middle East to fight with its forces in Ukraine.

Social media in Syria has been flooded with requests for people to join
Russian troops in return for up to $7,000 for deployment.