Danilov: Most of those mobilized in Russia Muslims


Danilov: Most of those mobilized in Russia Muslims

Danilov: Most of those mobilized in Russia Muslims

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the NSDC,
speaking about the mobilization in the Russian Federation, noted that
the majority of those mobilized for war in Ukraine are representatives
of the Muslim world.
The senior security official touched upon the issue in an
interview with the “Great Lviv Speaking”, an Ukrinform correspondent

“As for the ongoing mobilization on the territory of the Russian
Federation, I can say that currently, the majority of those mobilized
there are representatives of the Muslim world. It so happened that they
were born on the territory of the Russian Federation, especially in
Tatarstan, Dagestan, and other Muslim communities, and it so happened
that there are many children in families there. And we currently have
certain statistics, from which regions they are eventually recruited,”
Danilov said.

The Secretary of the National Security Council is sure that sooner or later, this will result in a total disaster for Russia.

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“Believe me, soon coffins will start coming in from our territory –
with the bodies of those whom Putin called up for service (not those who
had previously signed up military contracts) to allegedly protect
Russia. No one knows from whom they’re going to protect it because we
never attacked them. We’re on our own territory, defending it,” the
official clarified.

According to Danilov, it is the Russians who are attacking the neighboring country.

“We are aware that this entire Russian army will either remain there
and never deploy here or be annihilated, which our Armed Forces do
impeccably, and for which we are very grateful,” Danilov informed.

Separately, speaking about this “partial mobilization” in Russia, the
official stated that there could not be any “partial” mobilization:
“it’s like a partial pregnancy – it’s simply impossible.”

“The Russian Federation announced the mobilization of its own
population, not for defense, but for an attack on our country. These are
completely different things,” he clarified.

Speaking of how Ukrainians differ from Russians, Danilov specified
that it’s about their spirit, the Ukrainian community, which is
defending its own territory.

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“No one will offer their cars there, no one will feed their soldiers,
there will be no volunteer movement – it simply cannot exist there
because it is completely unnatural there,” the official explained.

As reported, on September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin
declared mobilization, after which activists and opposition figures
called citizens to take to the streets to protest the move. Measures to
implement the decree began immediately, on September 21.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claimed that 300,000
reservists would be called up for military service. The General Staff of
the Armed Forces of Ukraine said Thursday that more than 100,000
Russians had already been mobilized in Russia of the announced 300,000.