Euthanasia, Even Among Children, Is on the Rise — What’s Driving the Trend to Market Death? – Calculus of Decay

Comment by tonytran2015: I have always been against euthanasia. In Hongkong, there are many stories of succesful actresses, singers committing suicide at the height of their careers. Are there any official explanations? It is commonly known in the Asian circle that the Underworld lends money at very high interest to people (mostly gambling addicts who borrow at 10% a day) who have to pay back the debt with interest or commit suicide otherwise their family members may get harmed. There is a bridge near a Cambodian casino near to the Vietnamese border. The Vietnamese name for that bridge means the Debt Erasing Bridge (“Cầu Xóa Nợ”): Those who jumped down from it had their high interest debts erased.

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The growing worldwide trend of euthanasia and/or assisted suicide, especially among children and young people, has critics asking troubling questions about the real motivation behind a spate of new laws.

ByChildren’s Health Defense

Global Research, December 20, 2022

Children’s Health Defense16 December 2022

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In a recent CHD.TV episode of “Good Morning CHD,” three Canadian doctors —Drs.Charles HoffeandStephen MalthouseandChris Shaw, Ph.D. — discussedCanada’s disturbing normalizationsince 2016 of “medical assistance in dying” (“MAID”) and their government’s possibly imminentendorsement of the practicefor “mature minors” who request death without parental knowledge or consent.

“Physician-assisted suicide,” “assisted suicide,” “assisted dying” and euthanasia — each with slightly differentlegal connotations— all refer tomedical…

Sen. Cardin: Hate Speech is Not Protected by First Amendment – JONATHAN TURLEY

Sen. Ben Cardin (D., Md) is ending 2022 on an ominous note after declaring that “if you espouse hate… you’re not protected under the First Amendment.” The statement is obviously untrue, but it is only the latest example of the eroding support for free speech in Congress and the country at large. It is particularly chilling for one of the nation’s most powerful politicians (sworn to “support and defend the Constitution“) to show either a lack of knowledge or lack of fealty to the First Amendment.

He is not the first Democratic leader to make this clearly erroneous statement about the Constitution. Politicians such as Howard Dean have previously voiced the same view. 

The First Amendment does not distinguish between types of speech: “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.” Indeed, the language was explained most succinctly by Justice Hugo Black in Smith v. California: “I read ‘no law . . . abridging’ to mean no law abridging.”

While the court has distinguished “fighting words,” criminal threats and other narrow categories, it does not bestow the government the open right to strip protection of speech that it deems “hateful.”  Indeed, in Brandenburg v. Ohio, the Court struck down an Ohio law prohibiting public speech that was deemed as promoting illegal conduct. It supported the right of the KKK to speak even though it is a hateful organization.  Likewise, in R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul in 2011, it struck down a ban on any symbol that “arouses anger, alarm or resentment in others on the basis of race, color, creed, religion or gender.” Finally in Snyder v. Phelps in 2011, the Court said that the hateful protests of Westboro Baptist Church were protected.

Sen. Cardin seems to be channeling the European view of free speech. That is also concerning given the growing anti-free speech movement in the country.

We have been discussing efforts by figures like Hillary Clinton to enlist European countries to force Twitter to restore censorship rules. Unable to rely on corporate censorship or convince users to embrace censorship, Clinton and others are resorting to good old-fashioned state censorship, even asking other countries to censor the speech of American citizens. It is an easy case to make given the long criminalization of speech in countries like France, Germany, and England.

This view is being reinforced on campuses where almost half of students believe, like Sen. Cardin, that hate speech is not protected by the Constitution.

As someone who was raised in a liberal Democratic family in Chicago, I do not know when the party went from being the defender of free speech to its most determined nemesis. However, with demands for censorship and the all-out war on Twitter, the Democratic party seems to have crossed the Rubicon on the First Amendment. That leaves many liberals (particularly classic liberals) and independents in a growing bind.

Many of us view free speech as our defining American right. This coming year is likely to see a further escalation in the fight for free speech from the Supreme Court (in the 303 Creative case) to our campuses. Some college presidents have declared that even “disingenuous” speech is not entitled to protection.

Sen. Cardin is a lawyer but appears to hold an extraconstitutional view of free speech. His view of the First Amendment is not simply flawed but dangerous at a time when we are engaged in an existential fight for free speech.

Henry Kissinger – Wikiquote

Quotes about KissingerEdit

  • Nixon and Kissinger bear responsibility for a significant complicity in the slaughter of the Bengalis. This overlooked episode deserves to be a defining part of their historical reputations. But although Nixon and Kissinger have hardly been neglected by history, this major incident has largely been whitewashed out of their legacy—and not by accident. Kissinger began telling demonstrable falsehoods about the administration’s record just two weeks into the crisis, and has not stopped distorting since….

This Seems Familiar,National Survey Indicates Political Migration Will Soar – Calculus of Decay

Comment by tonytran2015: Republicans moving to red states are natural. The worst kind of “immigrants” are those who destroyed their own states and now move to other states to destroy again…

Over 4% of Republicans and independents said they had already moved, in the last three years, to a region more closely aligned with their political beliefs...

Researcher Uncovers Potential Wiretapping Bugs in Google Home Smart Speakers – Calculus of Decay


A security researcher was awarded a bug bounty of $107,500 for identifying security issues in Google Home smart speakers that could be exploited to install backdoors and turn them into wiretapping devices.

The flaws “allowed an attacker within wireless proximity to install a ‘backdoor’ account on the device, enabling them to send commands to it remotely over the internet, access its microphone feed, and make arbitrary HTTP requests within the victim’s LAN,” the researcher, who goes by the name Matt, disclosed in a technical write-up published this week.

In making such malicious requests, not only could the Wi-Fi password get exposed, but also provide the adversary direct access to other devices connected to the same network. Following responsible disclosure on January 8, 2021, the issues were remediated by Google in April 2021.

The problem, in a nutshell, has to do with how the Google Home software architecture can be leveraged…

Report: Israel demolished 950 Palestinian homes in 2022 | Aletho News

MEMO | December 29, 2022

Israeli occupation forces demolished 950 Palestinian homes and confiscated more than 113,000 dunams (113 square kilometres) of land in 2022 in an effort to expand illegal Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, a Palestinian research centre said.

The Land Research Centre, operating in Palestine, said in its annual report on “Israeli Violations Against Palestinian Land and Housing Rights for 2022” that the Israeli forces have also torched, ravaged, or attacked 18,900 trees, most of them olive trees.

The report noted that 65 of the homes were demolished by their owners under the orders of Israeli occupation forces.

Some 66 wells were also razed in addition to 3,707 dunums (3.7 square kilometres) of land and pastures.

“The Israeli occupation issued 114 new settlement plans on Palestinian lands, and began construction on more than half of them and built about 2,220 new housing units for the settlers,” it added.

The Palestinian centre warned that all these measures confirm that the Israeli government has decided to destroy all agreements and impose new realities on the ground, making the two-state solution impossible to achieve.

Sen. Ben Cardin says that “hate” speech isn’t protected by the 1st Amendment and that we should “learn from” Europe, where they arrest people for praying and memes | Not the Bee

The Passion of the Christ – Wikipedia

Reactions to allegations of antisemitismEdit

Roger Ebert gave The Passion of the Christ a very good review and defended it against allegations of anti-semitism.

Film critic Roger Ebert, who awarded The Passion of the Christ 4 out of 4 stars in his review for the Chicago Sun-Times, denied allegations that the film was anti-semitic. Ebert described the film as “a powerful and important film, helmed by a man with a sincere heart and a warrior’s sense of justice. It is a story filled with searing images and ultimately a message of redemption and hope.” Ebert said “It also might just be the greatest cinematic version of the greatest story ever told.”[109]

Conservative columnist Cal Thomas also disagreed with allegations of antisemitism and wrote in Townhall: “To those in the Jewish community who worry that the film might contain anti-Semitic elements, or encourage people to persecute Jews, fear not. The film does not indict Jews for the death of Jesus.”[110] Two Orthodox Jews, Rabbi Daniel Lapin and conservative talk-show host and author Michael Medved, also vocally rejected claims that the film is antisemitic. They said the film contains many sympathetic portrayals of Jews: Simon of Cyrene (who helps Jesus carry the cross), Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, St. Peter, St. John, Veronica (who wipes Jesus’ face and offers him water) and several Jewish priests who protest Jesus’ arrest (Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea) during Caiaphas’ trial of Jesus.

Bob Smithouser of Focus on the Family’s Plugged In also believed that film was trying to convey the evils and sins of humanity rather than specifically targeting Jews, stating: “The anthropomorphic portrayal of Satan as a player in these events brilliantly pulls the proceedings into the supernatural realm—a fact that should have quelled the much-publicized cries of anti-Semitism since it shows a diabolical force at work beyond any political and religious agendas of the Jews and Romans.”[60]

Moreover, senior officer at the Vatican Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos, who had seen the film, addressed the matter so:

Anti-Semitism, like all forms of racism, distorts the truth in order to put a whole race of people in a bad light. This film does nothing of the sort. It draws out from the historical objectivity of the Gospel narratives sentiments of forgiveness, mercy, and reconciliation. It captures the subtleties and the horror of sin, as well as the gentle power of love and forgiveness, without making or insinuating blanket condemnations against one group. This film expressed the exact opposite, that learning from the example of Christ, there should never be any more violence against any other human being.[

Jewish Deicide | VikingLifeBlog

Jewish deicide is the notion that the Jews as a people will always be collectively responsible for the killing of Jesus, even through the successive generations following his death. A Biblical justification for the charge of Jewish deicide is derived from Matthew 27:24–25. Some rabbinical authorities, such as Maimonides and, more recently, Zvi Yehuda Kook have asserted that Jesus was indeed stoned and hanged after being sentenced to death in a rabbinical court.

The notion arose in early Christianity, the charge was made by Justin Martyr and Melito of Sardis as early as the 2nd century. The accusation that the Jews were Christ-killers fed Christian antisemitism and spurred on acts of violence against Jews such as pogromsmassacres of Jews during the Crusadesexpulsions of the Jews from EnglandFranceSpainPortugal and other places, and torture during the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions.

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