Is Donald Trump Worth The Fight? – Nwo Report

Posted BY: Vince Coyner

President Donald Trump is a great, if imperfect, president. By the third year of his presidency, the country was flourishing. The economy was roaring, jobs were up, incomes were up, gas prices were down, and America and Americans were doing fairly well.

But then a funny thing happened on the way to the election. The swamp struck back via Covid and the George Floyd protests. Neither of those was of Trump’s making, but Democrats used both to steal the election. The Democrats didn’t create Covid or put Floyd in the morgue, but they used the lockdowns and the riots to sufficiently upend American life so that they could steal the election under the cover of chaos….

Kevin Rudd vows to shut up then quips he’s slowly being demoted to ambassador – Back Yard Budget

He was then reported by Politico as saying: “I’ve been appointed ambassador so I’m going to shut the f— up”, then observing: “I’m slowly being demoted. I was prime minister, then foreign minister and now I’m ambassador.”…


Comment by tonytran2015: The definitions of words have been stretched, twisted to the extent that free speech can now be “hate speech”! It is time to protect the meaning of words with a new Ammendment (

Ye (formerly known as Kayne West) has recently married Australian Bianca Censori and he wants to visit her family who live in Victoria. The Anti-Defemation Commission of course is trying to get him banned from entering the country under bad character grounds. They have contacted the Federal Government attempting to pressure the Immigration Minister into denying him entry just because of some things he said online which they find offensive.

They are treating him like a thought criminal in 1984. Now let’s not pervert the law. If a person stabbed someone or blew up a building then fair enough, maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to enter Australia, and the law allows for this, but in this situation, Ye has only said things that some Jewish people have found offensive, that’s hardly a reason to deny him entry. This is another instance of the ADL exploiting Australia’s laws for their own political and personal agendas and bullying an individual they simply disagree with. Everybody has the right to say and think what they wish, no government has the right to force you to believe anything, the ADC clearly wish the government could control people’s minds like what occurs in the dystopian novel 1984. I DISAGREE WITH LEFTISTS ABOUT MANY THINGS BUT I DO NOT CALL FOR THEM TO BE BANNED FROM VISITING AUSTRALIA!…

Former PM Kevin Rudd tells United States to stop throwing allies ‘under a bus’ to limit Chinese influence in the region – ABC News

  • Kevin Rudd called on the United States to open its markets to allies, despite “over-riding protection sentiment” in Congress
  • Shadow Foreign Minister Simon Birmingham criticised the former PM’s language 
  • Mr Rudd stressed he was not speaking as Australia’s US ambassador 

DiscoverNet | Depression-Era Foods That Are Weirdly Making A Comeback

… Echoing events of 2020, the Depression caused widespread unemployment and food shortages of meat, milk, and other pantry staples. Cooks during the unprecedented economic downturn learned eating simple meals without waste could stretch their dollar. The popularity of home gardens, foraging for food, and alternative recipes emerged as a way to work around high food costs of fresh produce, meat, and dairy products. Although 2020, fortunately, didn’t see the same long-term impacts as the 1930s, home cooking doesn’t appear to be going anywhere and Depression-era foods are making a comeback…

Epstein’s Deep Ties To Bill Gates | Call Me Stormy

Jeffrey Epstein has deeper ties than we have been told to Bill Gates. They did not meet in the late 2000s but instead sometime early in the 1990s.

Gates became one of Epstein’s biggest financial backers along with Lex Wexner. So says longtime Epstein investigator Whitney Webb, interviewed here by Russell Brand.

Besides Bill Gates, she also delineates much of Epstein’s ties with Bill Clinton.  Webb is the author of the two-volume One Nation Under Blackmail