Target Loses Over TEN BILLION Dollars in Ten Days Amid Conservative Boycott | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

“The more than 22% drop in value for the blue chip stock roughly translates to a $10.1 billion loss in valuation to just $64.2 billion for Target, …

Target Launches New Kids’ Clothing Line With Partner Ghislaine Maxwell | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

“Ghislaine Maxwell really embodies the spirit of what we stand for here at Target,” said Target CEO Brian Cornell. “It’s a match made in Heaven.”…

As BLM Collapses, What Could Be Left Standing Will Make the Scam Clear to Everyone | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

But while the collapse of Black Lives Matter would mean that its pushing of radical leftist narratives as well as outright Marxism may go away, there is one thing that will not disappear — the high-end real estate and other trappings of wealth that have been acquired by the leaders of the movement over their careers in activism….

The Death Of Jordan Neely: Why Vigilantes Are A Good Thing –

By Brandon Smith

In November of 2021 the political left was frothing at the mouth in anticipation of the verdict against a conservative 17-year-old named Kyle Rittenhouse, who had used a firearm in self defense against a mob of BLM supporters trying to kill him in Kenosha, Wisconsin. With the few shots Rittenhouse fired from his AR15 rifle, he managed to hit a convicted pedophile, a convicted domestic abuser, and a third assailant with a decade-long record of theft and violence. The first two died and the third survived; the rest of the mob ran away.

Statistically speaking, how was this even possible? Apparently you can’t spit in any direction at a BLM or Antifa protest without hitting a hardcore criminal, and it proves that leftist mobs are often made up of the worst kinds of people.  The kind of people attracted to riot environments because of the opportunities they provide to satiate criminal tendencies, all while those psychopaths pretend to to be fighting for a cause. Rittenhouse did the world a favor that day.

When Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges, leftists were furious. The corporate media and even the White House had spent the better part of a year trying to demonize him as a “racist” (even though no one who got shot was a minority), and a “right wing extremist.” Even now, many on the political left still argue that Rittenhouse should be punished if only because his vindication in court might lead to even more acts of “right-wing vigilantism.”

My question is, what is …

Ukraine war: Satellite images reveal Russian defences before major assault – BBC News

A beach resort bristling with fortifications. A major road lined with anti-tank ditches. Satellite analysis by BBC Verify has uncovered some of the extensive defences built by Russia as it prepares for a major Ukrainian counter-attack.

Any and All forms of Immigration Is The Problem | The Hidden Dominion | Vermont Folk Troth

You cannot replace the native population of a nation-state and expect things to work fine. It does not matter whether this is a legal or illegal replacement. It does not matter who is coming: whether it be ethnic geniuses or ethnic violent criminals. All that matters is [keeping the country/nation holistic/harmonious/homogeneous with one vision, one blood, and one destiny.] […]

And before you gasp and loudly proclaim the statement which has been indoctrinated in you since birth, that “America is a nation of immigrants!”, I must give you the bad news: No, it is notAmerica is a nation [founded by and for Anglo-Saxons/Nordic Germanics and to a lesser extent Europeans in general, everything else since the 14th amendment onwards is traitorous to the White Anglo-Saxon founding fathers and mothers that built this nation from the ground up before which the vast majority of north America had consisted of hunter-gatherer and blood feuding Injun/Skraeling tribes][…]

Any form of incompatible immigration is the mixing of people with a fundamentally different soul and culture into one host…

Authorities Should Look Into Biden Family Corruption Instead of Hunter’s Tax Shenanigans | Aletho News

By Andrei Dergalin – Sputnik – 27.05.2023

As new revelations about the IRS probe into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs are being brought forth, a former US state senator suggests that the Department of Justice and the FBI should probably focus their attention on more serious matters related to the US president’s family.

An IRS whistleblower named Gary Shapley dropped a bombshell this week related to a tax probe into the shady affairs of Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden.

Shapley, who supervised Hunter’s tax probe since January 2020, has alleged he discovered signs of the investigation being “slow-walked” prior to him taking over, and that the Department of Justice tried to interfere with and thwart his probe.

Commenting on this development, former Colorado State Senator Ted Harvey told Sputnik that Shapley’s surprise about how long the investigation has been taking likely stems from the fact that the latter has never previously worked on a case involving a president’s son or an “elite Democrat operative.”

“Everybody that’s part of the Democrat machine never has their day in court because the machine protects them. And this shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody,” he explained while speaking on Sputnik’s Fault Lines podcast.

Harvey did note, however, that he would rather have the FBI look into the “actual criminal behavior of the Biden family” and into how said family allegedly put the US national security at risk, adding that, he does not particularly care about “any tax evasion from the president’s son.”

“I want the FBI and the Justice Department to look into the real issues with the Biden family and the corruption that we’ve seen there,” he added.

Meanwhile, Steve Gill, attorney and CEO of Gill Media, observed that while mainstream American media used to like whistleblowers, that same media now appears rather critical of them due to the media’s job essentially being to “protect the Biden family at all costs.”

He also pointed to allegations of foreign governments “dishing millions of dollars to the grandchildren of Joe Biden,” telling Sputnik’s Final Countdown podcast that it would be interesting to find out “exactly what these under-age grandchildren were doing to generate income from foreign governments.”

Is this a War? | Aletho News

Comment by tonytran2015: People who are willing to give up freedom for the sake of short term security, deserve neither freedom nor security, Benjamin Franklin.

Resetting the relationship between The State and The Citizen


I’ve been wondering for quite some time about whether we are in a War and the resolution of my thoughts on the subject has recently improved.

Oddly enough, I have some standing on the subject.

I lived in Iraq between 1981 to 1991, a period that covered almost all of the Iraq/Iran War and all of the Gulf War, the original, not the sequels.

It was an old school type of war, with two parties fighting over territory and trying to redraw a border. A lot of people died over 8 years and the border stayed the same. But weapons were sold, and internal power was consolidated.

That’s really what war is about, territory. You have something that I want, and I will fight you for it.

So, if this is a war, who are the warring parties and what is the fight over?

The war is between “the state” and “the citizen”. The latter is YOU and ME and it’s easy enough to understand (sort of), but THE STATE is not straightforward anymore and I’ll cover that later.

The border between these two parties is being redrawn. The relationship between the State and the Citizen is being RESET.

When you hear about The Great Reset, that is what “Reset” really means.

Think back to your life, last year in Feb 2020. Think back to how you thought, what you did, what degree of intrusion the State had in your life and what level of control you had over your life and choices.

In Feb 2020 there was a border, a fairly large circle that you stood in the centre of. Everything within that circle was your domain, your freedoms, and your sovereignty…

You Have 8.6 Years Left – Politics of Fools | Centinel2012

Washington has declined so much so, that the fools on the Hill now think just switching to a Republican will make it all better. The Biden administration has inflicted so much political damage as well as division among the people, the USA must fall. It cannot stand as one nation with such division. And it is not even Biden – who is the real symbol of the Fool on the Hill. He is only the puppet just like the last emperors of Rome….

This makes Watergate look like a parking ticket: Rob Schmitt – YouTube | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Rob Schmitt examines the many investigations linked to Joe Biden, how the Department of Justice may be covering for their boss and more on NEWSMAX’s Rob Schm…