Coronavirus is soaring again in the UK, but the number of deaths is low. Here are the main theories why|

… But while the number of infections has climbed steadily for two months, something strange is happening with the UK’s COVID-19 death toll.

The number of death certificates issued which mention COVID-19 has been falling for 20 straight weeks, according to UK Government statistics.

US and UK claim that Russia fired a weapon from a satellite

Both United States and United Kingdom have accused Russia of firing a missile -like projectile from the satellite Cosmos 2543 on 15th July. UK officials said that Russia threatens the ‘peaceful use of space’, because of the satellite test. It is the first time that UK has criticized Russia about a satellite weapon….

The European Parliament did not recognize Lukashenko as president and condemned Russia’s interference in the affairs of Belarus

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation in Belarus. 574 parliamentarians voted for the document, 37 were against, 82 abstained.

Among other things, the resolution states that the European Parliament:

  • does not recognize the results of the presidential elections in Belarus on August 9, as a result of which Alexander Lukashenko was declared the head of state;…

Melbourne Australia – the Example of the Worst Police States in a Pretend Free Society|Armstrong Economics Blog

…The Melbourne police have turned into a ruthless anti-Human Rights group of thugs. They are enjoying the ability to simply beat up people arrest them for nonsense. They are setting people up, using checkpoints, and pulling over cars and dragging people from their cars. This is a real live example of how there is no democratic process and you have no rights; whenever the government decides in the name of protecting you, they get to abuse you to maintain their power….

City Puts 89-Year-Old Grandmother’s Home Up For Auction Over $0.06 in Unpaid Taxes

…“You can keep paying that quarterly payment, but the back payment triggers an amount that eventually can cause a tax sale,” said Siciliano. “This is all computer-generated, not something that a human can correct.”

After Suhay shed light on her mother’s case, the mayor was forced to respond by reaching out to state officials to create legislation to increase limits on how much is owed before a tax sale is triggered. Perhaps they may raise the unpaid tax bill to $0.07 before stealing an elderly woman’s home…

Dentist who rode a hoverboard during tooth extraction found guilty of medicaid fraud

Rex Dynamite Sep 16th, 2020According to this Anchorage Daily News article, Seth Lookhart, an Anchorage dentist, was sentenced to 12 years in prison following dozens of charges related to Medicaid fraud and other dental malpractices. Lookhart had nearly killed several patients by sedating them for longer periods of time than required … oh and he did that minor hoverboard tooth extraction thing:…

Systems of government power in Victoria, Australia have combined to deliver the wanton destruction of its vibrant society. Of 816 Australian Covid deaths in a population of 26 million, 606 were in nursing homes-Chris Uhlmann

Victoria, Australia’s “systems of power have combined to deliver the wanton destruction of its vibrant society….Of the 816 Australian deaths [in a population of 26 million] the vast majority, 606, were in residential aged care.…The Victorian solution punishes the many for the few.…It is hard to imagine how you could design a policy that is more profoundly unfair or damaging to a society.“...Australia is a constitutional monarchy whose Sovereign is Queen Elizabeth. The Premier of the Australian state of Victoria is Dan Andrews of the Labor Party.

Victorian hotel quarantine system told guests with coronavirus were allowed to leave quarantine, inquiry told|

Comment by tonytran2015: So Victoria has set up a massive quarantine program with no real purpose !

  • Annaliese van Dieman said a risk assessment had been done on anyone who left hotel quarantine while waiting for a test result
  • She said some people were allowed to leave quarantine even if they were COVID positive at the end of their stay
  • Dr van Dieman said the focus of the program was on logistics rather than health

Fears for Australians in China after Chinese consul named in AFP warrant over political interference investigation

  • A former diplomat has warned Australians in China may not be safe after a Chinese consular official was named in AFP warrants
  • Emails, messages and phone call lists involving Chinese diplomats were accessed as part of the investigation into political interference
  • The former diplomat, Allan Behm, says Australia’s diplomacy with China is “in the pits” and requires urgent action