Electric cars might lower energy costs even as they draw more power from grid, report says – ABC News


The AEMC has released an issues paper which outlined some ideas of how electric cars might contribute to lower energy costs, rather than increasing them.

… It suggested with the right systems in place, households could use their electric car batteries to “soak up” excess rooftop solar generation
when energy was cheap and have the option to sell power back into the grid when it was more expensive.

Wuhan Coronavirus | US Issues


There is a related epidemiological consequence of great concern. It has been proven possible for a single mucosal cell to be infected ‘simultaneously’ by more than one viral seriotype. That is a simple math probability of virions and host cells Example: you have an easily transmissible ‘normal’ coronavirus cold already (defined below), go to Wuhan and also contract Wuhan. In your body those two different coronaviruses can now both be replicating in the same host cells, and because of RNA replication are indiscriminately exchanging genetic material. So you might end up with an attenuated virulence Wuhan, or a more virulent Wuhan—but most likely both.

The history of the 2009 Swine flu scare showed this. The novel new H1N1 seriotype started in Mexico, where my guy contracted his early fatal infection. For reasons explained below, flu is strongly seasonal. It was winter in South America, so the first hard hit country was Argentina. The mortality data were horrific (5.5%). But, this in hindsight meant the most virulent strains were already burning themselves out, since dead people cannot replicate virions. By the time swine flu reached the North American winter several months later, it was already significantly less virulent (1-2%, still very bad).

China: Spread of coronavirus yet to peak | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

Comment by tonytran2015: NHK gives a better coverage of Covid-19 than BBC. BBC appears to have followed the footsteps of fake news makers.


China’s ruling communist party says efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak are producing results, but that the country is yet to reach a turning point.

China Central Television says on Friday, President Xi
Jinping chaired a meeting of the party’s decision-making body, which agreed the situation in Hubei Province, and particularly the city of
Wuhan, remains severe and complex.

Coronavirus updates: South Korea reports big jump in cases, virus spreading in Chinese prisons


Country/place Confirmed Deaths
China, Hong Kong, Macao 76387 2347
Japan 717 3
South Korea 346 1
Singapore 86 0
Thailand 35 0
United States 34 0
Malaysia 22 0
Germany 16 0
Vietnam 16 0
Australia 15 0
France 12 1
United Kingdom 9 0
United Arab Emirates 9 0
Canada 8 0
India 3 0
Italy 3 2
Philippines 3 1
Iran 3 4
Russia 2 0
Spain 2 0
Nepal 1 0
Cambodia 1 0
Sri Lanka 1 0
Finland 1 0
Sweden 1 0
Belgium 1 0
Egypt 1 0
Israel 1 0
Notes: Data as of Feb. 21, 9:15 p.m. ET. Sources: NBC News reports, World Health Organization, state government leaders and health officials.

‘China delaying permission to India to send relief material to Wuhan’ | India News,The Indian Express


India … put together relief supplies in pursuance of Modi’s commitment as a token of India’s solidarity, particularly in the 70th year of the anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. “These supplies have been offered even as India faces tremendous shortage itself, given our ethos of helping others in their hour of need,” said a source aware of the issue.

The items being supplied are gloves, surgical masks, feeding pumps and defibrillators based on the requirements as indicated by the Chinese side.