Germany’s Surrender To The Greens Forced A Second Surrender To Russia

Authored by Mike Shedlock via, Germany is in a world of hurt over natural gas, the price of electricity, and its energy policy in general. Let’s look at how we got here… EU 0 – Putin 1 The following from Eurointelligence on December 17, emphasis…

Deep freeze in Arctic Europe sends power prices soaring – Nwo Report

On the Finnmark plateau, between Kautokeino and Karasjok, temperatures dropped down to -35°C on Sunday. The forecast for the coming week shows a temperature anomaly for the last days of November of 10°C below the reference period 1961-1990, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute informs.

Coldest out is Nikkaluokta near Gällivare in Norrbotten with -36°C.

In times of climate change, the current freeze comes in sharp contrast to last fall, when meteorologists reported about the hottest October and early November ever measured, with an average of 6,7°C above normal across the Arctic.

Cold weather even sweeps the coast of northernmost Norway where the Arctic waters are kept ice-free by the warm Gulf Stream. In Kirkenes, on the border to Russia, the thermometer read -25°C on Saturday outside the Barents Observer’s office.

On the Kola Peninsula, Sunday November 28 came with temperatures from -18°C to -30°C the news online Severpost reported.

Further east in the Russian Arctic, quickly accumulating sea-ice on the Northern Sea Route has created a critical situation as a number of ships have been trapped in thick sea-ice for several weeks.

Extreme freeze over northern Scandinavia causes energy prices to soar to a record high. The main reason is high consumption combined with ice formation on rivers with hydropower plants in northern Sweden. The northern regions of Norway and Sweden are closely linked together in the same electricity grid.

Low production in Sweden pushes prices up, also in northernmost Noway. On Sunday, a kWh came with a price-tag of 1,92 kroner/kWh (€0,19/kWh) on the spot market, the highest cost for electricity inside the Arctic Circle since 2010. Current prices are up to 10 times higher compared to the average daily over the three first weeks of November.

COP26 will be a heady mix of climate hysteria, fear-mongering, and quasi-religious worshiping at the altar of ‘The Science’ — RT Op-ed

…From every corner of the planet, private jets – responsible for
50% of all aviation emissions – have flown into Glasgow for the annual
‘Conference of the Parties’ (COP26).
As a participant at
several UNFCCC conferences, I am proud that methodologies I created,
funded, and advanced for more than a decade have helped make a
difference in mitigating the impacts of climate change. Over the years,
trillions of dollars have been deployed on climate change mitigation.
But this latest gathering is a grotesque hypocritical charade.

COP26 is the 26th meeting of the Conference of the Parties. This
meeting of ‘world leaders’ represents the nearly two hundred countries
that are members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate
Change (UNFCCC). The participants gather to virtue-signal and create
non-binding commitments, like the Paris Climate Agreement, without any
independent verification of carbon compliance to these commitments,
making ‘greenwashing’ a high probability.

Also on
PM Johnson calls on humanity to ‘defuse that bomb’ of climate change in Bond-inspired speech at COP26

This year’s host of COP26 in Glasgow, UK Prime Minister ‘Blah,
Blah, Blah’ Boris Johnson has promoted himself in the media with short,
catchy phrases. Splashed across this weekend’s broadsheets, Johnson
‘blah blah blahed’ about how COP26 is the “last chance to save the planet.” BoJo’s other pearls of wisdom included “this is a moment of truth for humanity,” it’s “an opportunity for the world to stop climate change from getting out of control” and a “turning point for the world.”

Johnson’s government released its budget, which is packed with
unprecedented spending and record tax increases that will destroy the UK
economy. After the budget’s release, Johnson touted the 3P discount off
a pint of beer as some semblance of solace. BJ’s message seems to be
‘Let the Plebs drink beer!’

Johnson’s budget was bad enough, but he also intends to cripple UK farming with a carbon tax on meat and dairy to ‘save the planet’.
The elephant in the room that Johnson’s government and the other COP26
participants fail to acknowledge is that China and its third world
investments are responsible for 40+% of the world’s Co2 and Co2e global
emissions per year. President Xi Jinping is not coming to the COP26 and
has stated China will not cut their emissions until 2060. By contrast,
the UK is responsible for only 1%. Even if Britain’s cuts got it to net
zero, the results, while symbolic, would be statistically insignificant
and devastate the UK economy.

The UK needs more knowledgeable
‘experts’ to implement practical climate mitigation solutions that will
not destroy the economy. Sadly, Johnson’s comments are simply
virtue-signaling, curated by his wife and Number 10’s self-appointed PR
guru, Carrie ‘Antoinette’ Johnson. The comments are fear-mongering
propaganda that provide no solutions and will take a wrecking ball to
the UK economy.

The ‘net zero’ objective of COP26 is inclusive
of ‘equity’, and under that banner comes a demand to spend $100 trillion
more on a Green New Deal (GND). It is neither green, new or affordable.
It is an extension of the credit crisis bailouts for billionaires that
began in 2008. Global central banking elites, like Mark Carney, called
the 2008 program Quantitative Easing (QE). The US Federal Reserve’s Ben
Bernanke and Janet Yellen assured the public the extraordinary bailouts
were “temporary emergency measures,” but they are still doing QE today.
These same elites will shift the blame for incompetent policies while
creating fear with another crisis, Covid-19, climate change, a
cyberattack or any other crisis that would allow them to print more
money and divide the public.

The middle class is staring down the
barrel of being taxed right out of existence with hyperinflation. They
need to wake up and go on a general strike against this madness. The
elites are seeking to control and dictate every aspect of our lives. The
food we eat (meat and dairy are now bad), the transportation you take
(too much Co2), where you live, how you live and what you can and cannot
do – it’s the end of freedom.

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) has been seeking a Build Back Better ‘Global Reset
run by plutocrats for decades – and any crisis will do. Schwab’s
tyrannical ‘reset’ possesses the greatest existential threat to freedom
of speech, liberty and democracy in our lifetime. In 2016, Klaus Schwab
said in the coming decades you will own nothing, and you will be happy.
The ideologues describe the GND as a 10-year government-led
mobilisation that will radically decarbonize the world, ending the use
of ALL carbon-based fuels while simultaneously tackling inequality in
society and ensuring “equity and social justice” for all – especially
marginalized genders and ethnicities.

Over 60% of the world’s
electricity is currently generated by burning fossil fuels. These goals
are unachievable and would bankrupt the West even faster than their
already reckless money printing. The suggestion of a massive
redistribution of wealth and ‘reparations’, based on immutable
characteristics will only increase tribalism and incite massive civil

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People ask why CNN journalist is in Edinburgh for COP26… while the summit is in Glasgow

Fear is necessary to manipulate the masses

Mark Carney is
now the mouthpiece of the globalists for ‘climate change’. Carney is a
globalist: he worked at Goldman Sachs, was the head of the Bank of
Canada, the Financial Stability Board and the Bank of England. Carney’s
economic policies in Canada and the UK inflated the world’s most
grotesque housing bubbles in history, and they will soon explode. When
he was at the helm of the Bank of England, he warned of Armageddon if the UK voted Brexit. Well, it never happened, and Project Fear’s campaign failed, so why believe him now?

COP26 is different this time. It’s not about climate change; it’s about
politics, power, control and money. Today, we have reached a ‘turning
point for the world’, but not as presented by Boris Johnson and Carrie
‘Antionette’. Big tech has become the Ministry of Truth, where you are
censored if you do not accept and repeat the narrative. Twitter
suspended me for speaking the truth, which according to Jack Dorsey’s
moderators, is against community standards. What community? Dorsey’s
‘community’ propagandists at Twitter would make Joseph Goebbels blush.

have outright media dishonesty advancing propaganda narratives designed
to facilitate political agendas by activists masquerading as
journalists. The truth no longer matters, and the world is suffering
from an ongoing barrage of government-sponsored psychological operations deployed against its citizenry.

A fearful public is an obedient public. This Chinese-style censorship by big tech is pure evil. I have warned about this (here, here and here) and its foreshadowing of an authoritarian dictatorship.

Thunberg is the poster child for classroom indoctrination, climate
alarmism and instilling fear in children, making them believe that the
world is ending, and we are all dying because of fossil fuels. It’s
disgraceful how governments and corrupt media allow children to be indoctrinated with critical theory and climate propaganda.

If you question climate change ‘science’, you are a climate ‘science’ denier.

the science’ has become a meaningless slogan. If you challenge a
hypothesis, you are a science denier. When you are not allowed to
question science, it is no longer science; it’s propaganda.

If you challenge the speech police’s use of pronouns or dare say that a trans woman is a biological male, you are transphobic.

If you challenge any of the dictates of the LBGTQIA+ community, you are homophobic.

If you fail to acknowledge critical race theory or to denounce your white privilege, you are a racist.

If you criticize the BLM and ANTIFA violent riots, looting, and arson that caused billions in damage and destroyed small businesses, you are a racist.

If you criticize acts of terrorism committed by radical Islamic fanatics, you are Islamophobic.

If you criticize your local school board for teaching your children ideologies you disagree with, you may be considered a domestic terrorist by the FBI.

Also on
G20 squabbles show Western leaders can’t agree on much, which doesn’t bode well for COP26

The penalties for the above: total censorship, loss of employment, and being shunned by polite society.

world’s standard of living is collapsing, hyperinflation has arrived,
and the elites will claim that censorship, oppression, medical tyranny, a
social credit scoring system and the end of all freedoms are necessary
for society’s well-being and survival. Strikes have already begun in the
USA (here and here). The time has come for the silent majority to wake up and resist this madness.

Climate change: Large-scale CO2 removal facility set for Scotland – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: It is routine to liquefy air to extract liquid carbon-dioxide, which can then be hydrogenated to formate and methanol. The questions are how to permanently store carbon in the crust of the earth (in the form of oils or coal or even diamonds), whether we produce other environmental problems, how much green/nuclear energy does it take, at what cost and how long does it take to reverse our past burning of coal and oil which had been accumulated over millions of years. Is it easier to cover the tropical surface with some reflective layer?

… The proposed plant would remove up to one million tonnes of CO2 every year –

the same amount taken up by around 40 million trees.

The extracted gas could be stored permanently deep under the seabed off the Scottish coast…

‘Eco conscious’ EU outsourcing hidden cost of renewables drive to developing nations & taxing them for it – Russian security chief — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

… ‘Green’ technologies promoted by Western politicians carry hidden environmental costs which are being outsourced to developing nations and then used to apply pressure on their economies, Russia’s top

security official has claimed.
Nikolai Patrushev, who
heads Russia’s National Security Council, said, on Sunday, that rich
countries that advocate a fast transition away from fossil fuels and
toward renewables to combat climate change are at the same time using
the pretext of carbon footprints to undermine developing economies.

was referring to the EU’s plans to tax imported products based on the
estimated greenhouse gas emissions created during their manufacturing.
The policy will be phased in between 2023 and 2026, according to the
European Commission’s timeline. Russia is expected to lose at least 1.1
billion euros ($1.27 billion) annually once the border levy is fully

According to Patrushev, the tax is rather
hypocritical, considering that it would apply to products from the very
countries that carry the hidden costs of the bloc’s transition to

“The manufacturing process of solar panels, the
extraction of rare metals required for their production, are quite
energy-consuming and are mostly based in nations that use coal power
plants,” Patrushev explained to Moscow daily Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Also on
Putin tells G20 that
Russia fully committed to reducing carbon emissions & calls for
global cooperation on climate change fight

The same is true for batteries, which are required for electric
cars and to buffer changes of output from solar panels and wind
generators, the former FSB chief added. There is also the issue of waste
like broken panels and turbine blades, which rich operators tend to
ship out to poor nations with less stringent environmental rules.

“Europe not only outsources ‘dirty’ production, but also plans to slap the so-called ‘carbon tax’ on those producers,” Patrushev said of the planned levy. He called it an example of “Western meddling” in affairs of other nations under the guise of fighting climate change.

some future conference on climate change and global warming should be
held in an African or Asian nation, where the ‘dirty’ production of
those ‘clean’ technologies is done,” he suggested.

Also on
‘Very green’: VIDEO of Biden’s massive 85-car motorcade ahead of climate summit leaves critics stunned

Russia supports a global transition to more environment-friendly
technologies that are necessary to mitigate the threat of climate
change, the Russian official said. But it should be done in a way that
doesn’t undermine individual nations or result in crises, like the one
that is affecting Europe at the moment. European nations are
experiencing a significant surge in prices of natural gas due to a
shortage, which was caused, among other factors, by lower-than-expected
electricity generation by renewable sources.

“It’s obvious that moving away from fossils in favor of renewables can only be done at a measured pace,” he said. “All the talk about an imminent radical abandonment of traditional energy sources is highly exaggerated.”

The challenging climate problem.

The challenging climate problem

by tonytran2015.

I give here an overview of the situation so that readers can make reasonable objective judgement on the current hysteria.

1. Planet Earth evolved over billion years to its current state.

2. It had gone through various changes in climate from many causes: Gravitation energy released by its formation, heat released from spontaneous nuclear fission reaction in its core, local changes in its magma circulation, volcanic eruptions, solar irradiation with fluctuation due to non-uniform distribution of land water on its surface, solar cycles, changes in earth orbit and rotation, occasional meteoric strikes, appearance of coevoluting organisms (like deep sea organisms with chemosynthesis, then cyanobacteria, then photosynthesizing plants,…), etc …

3. Researchers have tried to untangle various causes and effects on the weather records of the earth.

4. Researchers have come to some important discoveries: The earth had gone through 4 eons with the evolution of human arising in the very last moment. The climate change caused by a meteor had created favourable environment for mammals to evolve and overtook the descendants of dinosaurs.

5. Researchers found that consecutive phases of evolution of various organisms (pioneering organisms relying on chemosynthesis, then cyanobacteria, etc…) on earth create and depend on minor or minute components (oxygen 21% v/v, CO2 0.04% v/v, water nearly 1% v/v) of the gas mixture on the atmosphere of the earth. In other terms the organisms form and maintain their own ecosystems.

6. It is obvious to everyone that our life depends on water vapor even though its variable maximum concentration is only from 1% at 10°C to 19% at 60°C.

7. Climate researchers had pinpointed CFC used in early air-conditioners as a climate destabilizer and the World had come to an unanimous decision to ban it.

8. From the 1980, climate researchers suspected that the minute component CO2 is in an equilibrium state created by living organisms onEarth until it was upset by the Industrial Revolution.

9. It is clear that human life and civilization is interwoven in the CO2 cycle. Researchers suspect that our very own civilization is complicit in the destabilization of the CO2 in the atmosphere: Our extraction of carbon energy, our agriculture and even our very own metabolism.

9a. We are extracting our energy for comfortable living by burning Carbon, Hydrocarbon which have accumulated naturally over millienia in the crust of the earth. The burning produces CO2 which may upset the already delicate balance of CO2 in the atmosphere.

9b. Our agriculture and our pollution with polymerized hydrocarbon destroy many net carbon capturing mechanisms in the planet.

9c. Our ever increasing population and its activities will finally destabilize the delicate feedback mechanisms which kept the Earth in its habitable temperature range.

10. Everyone see that the situation cannot keep going on but people are bitterly fighting to impose their own contradictory theories and solutions.

11. Some theories say that climate destabilization is an urgent problem: Sea level is rising, glacier is melting, the weather is more violent, species are disappearing…

12. Conservative factions (which include nationalists) want to keep burning naturally accumulated Carbon and Hydrocarbon while working out any solution. Nationalists fear retreading the path of American and Australian Natives who successfully protected their environment but lost their whole territories.

13. Leftists want to quickly stop all CO2 producing processes within 10 years even at the risk of causing social chaos. This is on top of their objection to nuclear energy, rejection of control on human population, objection to “inhumane” birth control policies in poor countries, call to distribute energy based life comforts to poor countries, call to intervene at all costs to stop natural consequences to irresponsible policies and also call for abolition of national borders which encourage responsibilities.

14. Real achievable policies would have to be somewhere between 12 and 13.

15. Some countries want to avoid the problem of 9a by using only nuclear energy, others want to quickly establish solar and wind energy farms to replace fossil power stations. Setting up solar and wind energy on earth surface will inevitably lead to territorial expansion, weather modification and territorial wars.

16. It may be necessary to set up solar energy collectors in space and beam down energy to earth but this method requires advanced technology and international cooperation on where the solar collectors can be placed and how to safely beam energy down to earth.

17. To avoid the problem of 9b, nations have to stop the wasteful, polluting practice of overproduction of plastic items looking for legitimate uses.

18. Some groups even advocate changes to agricultural practices and human diets: Eating insects instead of animal meat and sea food to avoid the problem 9b.

19. Some groups advocate still burning fossil fuels but send all CO2 so produced into the hot mantle of the earth to have all Carbon locked up there again (hoping that Oxygen alone would be released back into the atmosphere through some still to be devised mechanisms). Essentially they want to extract only hydrogen from hydrocarbon for use and carry out fully sealed, underground burning of carbon from fossil fuels. The question is would that be possible and would the geology degrade.

20. There are peripheral questions on technology for energy storage. It can rely in various technologies: Lithium batteries, reversible hydroelectric dam systems, hydrolysis/fuel cell systems, thermal storage systems using liquid air, sodium hydride cycles, or any other true storage system that can go full closed cycles.

21. Parasites and their corrupt politician mates want to confuse the issues and make their quick bucks at the expense of society. There will be endless claims on urgency and on “green”, quick fix solutions to the climate problem. These claims are made to divert undeserved subsidies from society to parasitic organizations but often offer non-effective solutions.

For example Australian Greenies have caused more harm than good to the environment.

Path to a Greener Future: Tax Kids or Just Ban Them Outright, by Mike “Mish” Shedlock | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

This is for those with a dark and cynical sense of humor. From Mike “Mish” Shedlock at

The Greens need to step up to the plate with some truly sustainable proposals. I have a couple of ideas.

Ironies of Build Back Better

President Biden wants free college education, free preschool for kids, and increased child tax credits.

All of these proposals subsidize the single worst thing we can do for the environment: have kids.

Kids eat, need medical services, eventually become teenagers and drive cars. And as shocking as this might seem, kids grow up and travel, eventually by airplane.

Poor Nations Say They Need Trillions From Rich Ones

Yesterday, I commented Hello President Biden, Poor Nations Say They Need Trillions From Rich Ones

It’s one thing for developed countries like the US to demand a cleaner future, but it’s another thing to attempt to force G7 goals on the rest of the world.

About Those Climate Change Goals

John Kerry was speechless when he learned Poor Nations Need Trillions From Rich Ones to meet climate change goals.

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