Unvaxxed In Austria Could Be Imprisoned For A Year


Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, People in Austria who remain unvaccinated could find themselves imprisoned for a year, according to critics of an amendment to an administrative law. Susanne Fürst of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), which voted against the amendment, warned that…

Putin doesn’t have online accounts & thinks there are better uses of his time than posting on Twitter or Facebook | Aletho News


RT | September 2, 2021

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin isn’t active online because he doesn’t have enough time to post, scroll and click, the Kremlin has revealed, saying he has rejected the idea of having an aide manage public profiles on his behalf.

Speaking to journalists at the Eastern Economic Forum on Thursday, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, revealed the Russian leader thinks there are better uses of his time than setting up an account on Twitter or Facebook. “Putin himself does not use social networks,” the Kremlin official said, chalking the decision up to pressures on his diary.

However, there is apparently no question about deputizing the job to an adviser. “He does not want anyone to do it for him,” Peskov said. “He considers it wrong.”

In 2017, taking questions at a meeting with especially-gifted children, Putin said there was no slot in his day for social media. “My working days are so busy and finish so late at night that I am not in the mood for Instagram,” he said. “All I think about is to get to bed to sleep,” the president added.

However, he warned that there are numerous satirical and fake accounts set up in his name. “I have nothing to do with any of them. Just beware of that. So, everything that is written on my behalf is not me,” Putin said.

A prolific social media user, Former President Donald Trump is estimated to have tweeted more than 25,000 times during his presidency, before tech giants, including Twitter, banned him from the service in the wake of protesters storming Washington’s Capitol building in January.

Experts warn of outdoor COVID-19 risk after infections linked to Newcastle beach gathering – ABC News


  • NSW Health suspects transmission happened at an outdoor beach gathering
  • Experts say the case showed masks should be worn for greater protection outdoors
  • Droplets and aerosol particles can spread COVID-19 when people speak, laugh or cough

NSW Health has so far reported … what it called a “crowded outdoor
cafe” — at the start of the Bondi outbreak.

Victorian health authorities have also expressed concerns about suspected outdoor transmission at the MCG, between strangers with no direct contact.

Regional families in New South Wales struggle as mouse plague drags on with no end in sight – ABC News

Comment by tonytram2015: An established Asian method of mouse control is to keep trained Domestic Cats as well as Dogs. Trained cats and dogs like hunting mice.


… A team of mouse experts in Canberra are working around the clock to find
a solution to the plague, especially before spring arrives…