This election loss might be just what the Australian Liberal Party needs | The Wentworth Report

This election loss might be just what the Australian Liberal Party needs. By Rowan Dean.

Scott Morrison and the Coalition did not lose government last night. They lost it on November 1 last year, when Scott Morrison stood in front of an adoring crowd of climate cultists in Glasgow and committed Australia to the ridiculous pledge of ‘Net Zero by 2050’.

Attacking and resisting Climate Change alarmism had been the secret winning weapon of the Liberal and National parties at every election since and including the landslide win in 2013.

The most pathetic scenes in this election campaign were watching Liberals and Nationals stand impotently by as they were attacked on Climate Change.

Rather than going on the attack by pointing out the energy crisis in Europe and the spiralling inflation in the US are all the result of climate alarmism, thanks to Scott Morrison and the bedwetters within the Liberal party, they played along with the pretence that we can close down our coal mines and still maintain our prosperity.

The winners from the globalist agenda of rule by unelected bureaucrats, and of ever bigger government and more well-paid bureaucratic jobs insulated from economic competition, are the alliance of bureaucrats, the media, academics, professionals on government-funded projects, and their allies. They tend to live in the inner cities. They have taken over the main left party in every western country, including the Labor Party here in Australia. They are the noisy, PC minority.

The losers are everyone else, especially those whose wages are kept in check by market discipline. This is the productive class who actually gets most real stuff done. They oppose the globalist class of Davos. They are the majority.

It is the destiny of the Liberal Party to be the party of the losers of globalization. Embrace it. Drop the teal electorates. They are realigning to the party of big government and the wealthy. Pursue them and you alienate most of the electorate. The teal electorates are your past. Thank them and move on — don’t make an ass of yourself chasing a lost love.

Morrison’s strategy of positioning his government just to the right of the Labor Party failed. Why vote for the pale imitation? Morrison’s Liberal Party bored and turned off most of the country. Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer have to be two of the least talented political operators around, yet they still managed to get 10% of the vote just by not being the Liberal Party.

A final note on the Western Australian factor, for those who don’t live here. WA voted heavily against the Morrison government. Morrison called us “cave dwellers” because we didn’t want his infection and the attendant masks and lockdowns, and insisted on closing our borders to people from Sydney when it was convulsed with delta. Imagine! What impertinence! The Labor Party here just repeated that comment over and over in ads. Some outsiders don’t acknowledge that WA locked down least, had the least covid, and was least affected by covid than any jurisdiction in the western world. Closing the borders to the infected states, and to an infected world, worked and bought us time.

Those outsiders also do not respect our democracy. How much clearer could WA voters make it ? We voted big time for a state leader who closed borders and kept us out of the covid mess. And yesterday many voted to indicate that we don’t appreciate arrogant Sydney-siders telling us to open our borders so they can visit and make us sick and force us into lockdowns and masks.

China And Russia Rejoice At America’s Quest To Go Green | PA Pundits – International

By Ronald Stein ~

China and Russia are great War historians of WWI and WWII, and know that the countries that controls the minerals, crude oil, and natural gas, controls the world! Biden has done an excellent job of relinquishing “CONTROL” for the “green” materials to China, and relinquishing “CONTROL” of the crude oil to OPEC and Russia! God help America!

The challenging climate problem.

The challenging climate problem

by tonytran2015.

I give here an overview of the situation so that readers can make reasonable objective judgement on the current hysteria.

1. Planet Earth evolved over billion years to its current state.

2. It had gone through various changes in climate from many causes: Gravitation energy released by its formation, heat released from spontaneous nuclear fission reaction in its core, local changes in its magma circulation, volcanic eruptions, solar irradiation with fluctuation due to non-uniform distribution of land water on its surface, solar cycles, changes in earth orbit and rotation, occasional meteoric strikes, appearance of coevoluting organisms (like deep sea organisms with chemosynthesis, then cyanobacteria, then photosynthesizing plants,…), etc …

3. Researchers have tried to untangle various causes and effects on the weather records of the earth.

4. Researchers have come to some important discoveries: The earth had gone through 4 eons with the evolution of human arising in the very last moment. The climate change caused by a meteor had created favourable environment for mammals to evolve and overtook the descendants of dinosaurs.

5. Researchers found that consecutive phases of evolution of various organisms (pioneering organisms relying on chemosynthesis, then cyanobacteria, etc…) on earth create and depend on minor or minute components (oxygen 21% v/v, CO2 0.04% v/v, water nearly 1% v/v) of the gas mixture on the atmosphere of the earth. In other terms the organisms form and maintain their own ecosystems.

6. It is obvious to everyone that our life depends on water vapor even though its variable maximum concentration is only from 1% at 10°C to 19% at 60°C.

7. Climate researchers had pinpointed CFC used in early air-conditioners as a climate destabilizer and the World had come to an unanimous decision to ban it.

8. From the 1980, climate researchers suspected that the minute component CO2 is in an equilibrium state created by living organisms onEarth until it was upset by the Industrial Revolution.

9. It is clear that human life and civilization is interwoven in the CO2 cycle. Researchers suspect that our very own civilization is complicit in the destabilization of the CO2 in the atmosphere: Our extraction of carbon energy, our agriculture and even our very own metabolism.

9a. We are extracting our energy for comfortable living by burning Carbon, Hydrocarbon which have accumulated naturally over millienia in the crust of the earth. The burning produces CO2 which may upset the already delicate balance of CO2 in the atmosphere.

9b. Our agriculture and our pollution with polymerized hydrocarbon destroy many net carbon capturing mechanisms in the planet.

9c. Our ever increasing population and its activities will finally destabilize the delicate feedback mechanisms which kept the Earth in its habitable temperature range.

10. Everyone see that the situation cannot keep going on but people are bitterly fighting to impose their own contradictory theories and solutions.

11. Some theories say that climate destabilization is an urgent problem: Sea level is rising, glacier is melting, the weather is more violent, species are disappearing…

12. Conservative factions (which include nationalists) want to keep burning naturally accumulated Carbon and Hydrocarbon while working out any solution. Nationalists fear retreading the path of American and Australian Natives who successfully protected their environment but lost their whole territories.

13. Leftists want to quickly stop all CO2 producing processes within 10 years even at the risk of causing social chaos. This is on top of their objection to nuclear energy, rejection of control on human population, objection to “inhumane” birth control policies in poor countries, call to distribute energy based life comforts to poor countries, call to intervene at all costs to stop natural consequences to irresponsible policies and also call for abolition of national borders which encourage responsibilities.

14. Real achievable policies would have to be somewhere between 12 and 13.

15. Some countries want to avoid the problem of 9a by using only nuclear energy, others want to quickly establish solar and wind energy farms to replace fossil power stations. Setting up solar and wind energy on earth surface will inevitably lead to territorial expansion, weather modification and territorial wars.

16. It may be necessary to set up solar energy collectors in space and beam down energy to earth but this method requires advanced technology and international cooperation on where the solar collectors can be placed and how to safely beam energy down to earth.

17. To avoid the problem of 9b, nations have to stop the wasteful, polluting practice of overproduction of plastic items looking for legitimate uses.

18. Some groups even advocate changes to agricultural practices and human diets: Eating insects instead of animal meat and sea food to avoid the problem 9b.

19. Some groups advocate still burning fossil fuels but send all CO2 so produced into the hot mantle of the earth to have all Carbon locked up there again (hoping that Oxygen alone would be released back into the atmosphere through some still to be devised mechanisms). Essentially they want to extract only hydrogen from hydrocarbon for use and carry out fully sealed, underground burning of carbon from fossil fuels. The question is would that be possible and would the geology degrade.

20. There are peripheral questions on technology for energy storage. It can rely in various technologies: Lithium batteries, reversible hydroelectric dam systems, hydrolysis/fuel cell systems, thermal storage systems using liquid air, sodium hydride cycles, or any other true storage system that can go full closed cycles.

21. Parasites and their corrupt politician mates want to confuse the issues and make their quick bucks at the expense of society. There will be endless claims on urgency and on “green”, quick fix solutions to the climate problem. These claims are made to divert undeserved subsidies from society to parasitic organizations but often offer non-effective solutions.

For example Australian Greenies have caused more harm than good to the environment.

Crabs are just another victim of Wind turbines thanks to EMF pollution from undersea cables | “OUR WORLD”

Iowa Climate Science Education

Edible crab like the one used in the study. Jean-Pol Grandmont Wiki

It?s a Nightmare on Crab Street.

Crabs are being drawn to high Electromagnetic (EMF) fields around undersea cables and getting trapped there, ?mesmerized?.

They are not just immobilized, in lab tests it screws up their blood chemistry too.

And if the field strength affects crabs so obviously, what other marine life is also being impacted? The magnetic fields may be playing havoc with migrating fish and turtles. Who would know?

Where is the Green outcry, or The save-the-crabs campaign? Do Greens even care or are some kinds of pollution OK ?for the greater good??

These are not some esoteric rare crustacean, by the way, but common dinner crabs. So that food chains and fisheries at risk too.

Underwater power cables are ?mesmerizing? crabs around Scotland

In a new study, researchers found brown crabs ?freeze? when they come…

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…Industry body the Paper Cup Alliance says the specialist plants that do
have the technology already have the capacity to recycle all the cups we
throw away – it’s the infrastructure to transport them there that’s
currently lacking…

China is the real winner of Western climate politics – China News

The G7 meeting was a genuine success for Scott Morrison and for the West generally. As Boris Johnson says, “the West is back”… The only leader who spoke with any realism on climate change was Morrison himself. Seeking emissions reductions through technology is the only possible path to a useful outcome.

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