Two Years Later: The Skripal Case Is Weirder Than Ever | Aletho News

Despite the fact that the UK Prime Minister asserted that a European Arrest Warrant was issued for the two Russians that were alleged to have carried out Putin’s malevolent will onto the poor Skripals – why were no such warrants ever registered in Interpol? Is it because such warrants actually require evidence?

During The 70’s, The CIA Created A “Robot Dragonfly Spy” – Nwo Report

thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, it’s known that they created a robot dragonfly to spy on us.

Newly-released CIA documents show how the espionage agency developed a robot dragonfly spy. The tiny aerial surveillance device – known as the “insectothopter” – was built in the 1970s according to the CIA Museum, where it has been displayed for 16 years. But blueprints for the robotic insect were released this week by the U.S. spy agency to the website The Black Vault. Those blueprints reveal the finely honed microengineering behind the little spy machine.

(MUNICH, Germany.) Security Conference Report: #Huawei 5G Climbs into bed with Germany, France and U.K. as U .S Mike Pompeo says on Saturday the company and Chinese State-Backed-tech-Companies are ‘ Trojan Hor ses ‘ and the U.S. are working to develop the…

Comment by tonytran2015: France, Germany, UK would later be certainly trapped by China. It is easy to laugh at Inner Mongolia, Tibet, The Philippines but it is not easy not to follow their footsteps.

CIA hacks into computer systems and leaves tell-tale markers in foreign languages including Russian and Iranian. CIA is biggest biggest purveyor of malicious computer viruses in the | Impeach Obama, McCain and Boehner Today

HIT LIST: ‘JFK, Final Judgment’, The Secret History of Targeted Mossad Assassinations (Part 2) | RIELPOLITIK

Given that the Kennedy Administration was widely perceived as pro-Israel, there seemed no possible motive for any Mossad involvement, and bizarre, totally unsubstantiated accusations of such a monumental nature directed against the Jewish state were hardly likely to gain much traction …

However, in the early 1990s highly regarded journalists and researchers began exposing the circumstances surrounding the development of Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal.