How To Create a Table of Contents for Free on WordPress? – Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives

Written by Dyami Millarson

This is an example of a table of contents created by me.

I included a table of contents in last year’s elaborate article on Wangerooge Frisian. This was the first time I ever created a table of contents for one of my blog articles. I did not install any plugin to create this table of contents…

Finding Sources of Fresh Food
After publishing Corey’s Digs report on NEW Controlled Food System is Already in Place and They Will Stop at Nothing to Accelerate Their Control, Pete Kennedy’s article on Finding Sources of Fresh Food over at The Solari Report, seems only fitting. There are some terrific resources in here that can be very helpful and beneficial […]

My invention: An affordable anti-counterfeit solution using telephone confirmation

Comment by tonytran2015: Please note that this method has been published here. The PDF file provides a time stamp. No-one will be able to apply for any patent on it. 😉 😉

An affordable anti-counterfeit solution using telephone confirmation,

31 October 2021

Computer accessories, expensive clothing, beverage, perfumes and now medicines are being attacked by counterfeit makers.

The following is my simple solution to such a problem.

1. Participating manufacturers must pay a Specialist Authentication Service Provider who supplies a 24 hours telephone service to answer any long (multi-digit) number sent to it over the phone.

2. There is no limit to the number of paid phone calls sending authenticating codes to the Specialist Authentication Service Provider (who originally supplied the codes to the participating manufacturers).

3. The cost of the authenticating phone call is a cost a consumer must bear to find out if his purchased item is authentic or not. The Specialist Authentication Service Provider also makes a small profit from each phone call. This sharing of profits is to be arranged with the telephone service provider and so the authenticating phone charge may be double a standard phone call charge.

4. A participating manufacturer must print a long individual hidden scratch code supplied by the Specialist Authentication Service Provider on each of its products for individual consumers to scratch.

5. The authentication code must be long, so that counterfeiters have to make millions of codes before any of them can randomly coincide by pure chance with an authentic one. This is almost like the counterfeit makers have to buy millions of tickets to win a lottery which is equal to the selling price of one of his counterfeit products.

6. After purchase, any consumer can obtain an authentication of his product by ringing the Specialist Authentication Service Provider over the paid phone connection and send the individual authentication code printed on the product revealed by his scratching. Upon receipt of the code, the computerized telephone service will tell the ringer if the code is genuine,  from a participating manufacturer AND ALSO THE DATE OF FIRST INQUIRY ON THAT SPECIFIC CODE.

That is the answer will tell:

A. The code is from some participating manufacturer for some category of product such as Computer Memory Cards or Wines or Perfumes or Anti-biotics, etc.

The tail part of the code is either
B1. Not recognized: That means the product is NOT authentic.

B2. Or the tail part of the code has been first authenticated at some date and time: That is an authentication call has been made at some reported time. If the reported time is NOT THE CURRENT TIME then someone has copied an authentic code and made a copy of it to stick onto the current product. In other words if the authenticating revelation time is not the present time then the product is very likely to be a counterfeit.


A perfume manufacturer wants to participate in this anti-counterfeit plan. His perfume bottles are sold at $100, the phone call is costing $0.20 each. He will want the counterfeiters to lose $10000 making authenticating phone calls before there is any random false authentication by pure chance. This requires 10000/0.20 = 50,000 phone calls to be made before there is a false authentication by pure chance for any counterfeit bottle.

So the perfume manufacturer who wants to authenticate his 1,000,000 genuine bottles will need 1,000,000 scratch codes with 6+5=11 digits so that counterfeiters have to make more than 50000 bottles before there is any chance of having one bottle falsely authenticated by pure luck.

So the perfume manufacturer has to pay the Specialist Authentication Service Provider to be supplied with scratch codes that look like


to be individually printed on his perfume bottles. The number is only revealed after the consumer has bought and scratched the covering layer.

So when a consumer bought the perfume bottle at 10hr00 on 1 November 2021 and immediately rang up the telephone number of the Authenticating Service at a cost of $0.20 he would receive a computerized answer which may look like:

092 is the code for a participating perfume maker.

xabcdxefghxx is the authentication code which has (one of the followings):

   – a. no match (That means the product is a counterfeit.), or

  – b. been first confirmed at 16hr on 21 June 2020 (That means the code is one of the authentic ones but someone has bought an authentic bottle and the current bottle has used the code revealed 16 months ago from that authentic bottle. It is likely that current bottle is a counterfeit.), or

  – c. been first confirmed at 11hr on 1 Nov 2021 (That means the consumer is the one who first enquired about the code. The product is most likely to be genuine.).

The consumer with a genuine product would thus receive an answer:

“092 is the code for a participating perfume maker. xabcdxefghxx is the authentication code which has been first confirmed at 11hr on 1 Nov 2021.”

So an anti-counterfeit solution has been designed. It requires a system of scratch codes on the products and a Specialist Authentication Service Provider who supplies a 24 hours telephone service.

Wine makers, perfume makers, pharmaceutical product makers can pull themselves together to implement this plan.

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Comment by tonytran2015: This should be a good case study on the benefit of Merger and Acquisition.

Discover how history turned this market leader into a has-been.

… it shows why it’s essential to choose the brand of your sewing machine carefully …

… It shows what is sometimes hidden behind a big name, and why the choice of brand should be a primary consideration, not an afterthought.

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