FACT CHECK: Biden blames pandemic, Vladimir Putin and Trump for inflation | ‘John Bachman Now’ | Truth2Freedom’s Blog



President Joe Biden blamed the pandemic, Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine and Donald Trump for inflation, not spending. John Bachman and Bianca de la Garza fact-check Biden’s claims – Via Newsmax’s ‘John Bachman Now.’

Source: FACT CHECK: Biden blames pandemic, Vladimir Putin and Trump for inflation | ‘John Bachman Now’

Balls up: the new Women’s Network logo is causing controversy – Breakfast – ABC Radio


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Balls up: the new Women’s Network logo is causing controversy

On Breakfast
with Sammy J

It’s eggplant purple and it looks like…?

Dee Madigan, star of Gruen and creative director at Campaign Edge, casts her discerning eye over the new logo for the Women’s Network.

Duration: 4min 23sec

Balls up: the new Women’s Network logo is causing controversy

As it happened: Biden warns US intervention in Ukraine would mean WW3 – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Only an IDIOT claims what he would not be able to do in war.


  • US President Joe Biden restates that his country will not directly intervene militarily against Russia in Ukraine
  • He warns that US forces fighting Russia would mean WW3

Biden: ‘Let’s go Brandon, I agree’ (VIDEO) — RT World News


… Biden was wishing children a Merry Christmas during an annual phone
call as he was following the North American Aerospace Defense Command
(NORAD) Santa tracker together with his wife, Jill. Things went awry when a dad, identified as Jared from Oregon, closed his call by wishing Biden a “wonderful Christmas” and adding “Let’s go Brandon.”

The euphemism took off in October when a reporter misheard the chant ‘F**k Joe Biden’ for ‘Let’s go Brandon’
while interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. The phrase immediately became popular among Biden’s critics, who used it to express their opposition to the president and mock him. It has since been used as a
slogan, written on protest signs, and even used in congressional speeches by some Republicans…

Vatican lashes out at EU in ‘Christmas’ row — RT World News


A now-revoked EU document proposing to substitute the word
‘Christmas’ with ‘holiday’, and to avoid mentioning certain Christian
names for the sake of inclusivity, has been slammed by the Vatican as
out of touch with reality.
The controversial paper containing internal guidelines for the European Commission …

Should We Celebrate Joe Biden’s Economic “Achievements”? | International Liberty


So how and why did the White House screw up?

Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner wrote about this strange episode.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has just produced and tweeted the worst chart of 2021. It is a line graph of gas prices with three data points covering a two-week time span. The absurd dishonesty comes when you look at the y-axis.

Each horizontal line represents half of a cent. …Gas prices have nearly doubled over the past 18 months, and Biden’s allies are holding a parade for a less-than-1% drop over two weeks. Thanks, Joe Biden! …So, how did this horrible chart happen? It seems someone at the DCCC took seriously a joke made by liberal blogger Matt Yglesias. …Ron Klain, White House chief of staff (presumably not understanding the tweet was a joke), liked the tweet before the DCCC put it out sincerely.

This is the political equivalent of leading with your chin.

And it’s not the only example.

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