Use This Companion Planting Chart to Help Your Garden Thrive | Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Most people plant their gardens with little thought as to what plants grow well together. The secret to an amazing garden, though? Companion planting!

Companion planting not only takes nutrient uptake into consideration, but it also brings into account crop protection, pest management and positive hosting (aka. increasing the population of beneficial insects that will help manage your harmful pest population).

For this very reason I created an interactive companion planting chart that will help you plant the perfect garden (and maybe even make your neighbors a little jealous!). But before we get into that, we need to understand what companion planting is, and why it works so successfully!…

Monkeypox outbreak in Los Angeles soars to 22 cases after Pride events as health officials warn disease is spreading among gay community – Nwo Report

Los Angeles records 22 monkeypox cases after Pride events as health officials say outbreak is running rampant among gay community.

‘Anyone can get and spread monkeypox, but some of the recent cases identified have been among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men who attended large events where the exposure to monkeypox may have occurred,’ said Los Angeles Department of Public Health in a statement.

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The warning comes after a month of Pride celebrations in the city that included Pride in the Park on June 11, a concert that attracted over 20,000 people and included a performance from Christina Aguilera as well as the city’s parade which occurred on June 12.

According to the Los Angeles Times, thousands of people lined the city’s streets to celebrate the return of the parade following a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19.

As of June 2, there were just three cases of monkeypox in all of California, NBC News said at the time.

There are now 51 reported monkeypox cases in California and 199 cases nationwide, according to the CDC.

Death spike in Australia, and everywhere else | The Wentworth Report

Death spike in Australia, and everywhere else. By Rebecca Weisser.

The taboo consideration that cannot be raised in polite company is the Covid mass vaccination program. It is an article of faith that the vaccine is ‘safe and effective’ and to raise a scintilla of doubt is anathema, punishable by excommunication. Nonetheless, since the program began on 22 February almost 130,000 adverse events have been reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) including 874 deaths. …

This mortality rate is not normal. Before the Covid vaccines, the TGA received only 3,000-4,000 adverse event reports for all vaccines per year and only 2-3 reports of death. Yet to the TGA, apparently, all these deaths, except for 11 following AstraZeneca vaccines, were just a coincidence, even the 12 deaths from myocarditis, a recognised side effect of the mRNA vaccines. …

Yet it is the extraordinary diversity of the adverse reactions reported in response to Covid vaccines that is striking, and the way in which they mirror the myriad morbidities associated with Covid.

An unwelcome possibility:

What could explain this? Research from Linkoping University, Sweden, published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, offers a chilling explanation.

The spike protein, of which Covid vaccines induce the body to produce trillions, prompts the immune system to dispatch white blood cells which use an enzyme to cut it up. Unfortunately, the S1 section of the cleaved spike is highly amyloidogenic, meaning it rapidly induces the misfolding of proteins to form insoluble fibrils. Deposits of fibrils in organs and tissues throughout the body — heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, brain and blood — produce localised and systemic disorders including clotting, cardiac failure, seizures, neurodegeneration and death.

If the Swedish research is correct, we have probably not seen the last of the excess mortality. But don’t expect anyone to mention it, anytime soon.

For more on that research, see here and here.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Stephen S.

SCORCHED EARTH: Inflation, Scarcity & The Road To Survival – By Andrew Nikiforuk | RIELPOLITIK

We are now trapped in what I have called “the poverty of two narratives” that pits the business-as-usual crowd against the green transitionists. This supposed debate avoids unpleasant realities such as rising global consumption and growing rates of energy use in a finite world. Moreover, both groups believe unlimited economic growth is the only answer to our multiplying emergencies...

Is Melatonin Dangerous? – Freedom Is Just Another Word…

Gimme a damn break. This is just big pharm pushing bought off politicians to force regulation on supplements.
Can’t have us taking natural supplements and remedies big pharm can’t profit off of!