Lockdown is generating hordes of aggressive rats denied their usual food sources – Wake Up To The Truth


Despite the fantasies of the utopian left, there is no repealing the law of unintended consequences. Close restaurants and halt the flow of garbage that rats treat as their supermarkets while laying off the people who normally would be guarding against their proliferation, and rats get hungry, aggressive, and wide-ranging in their search for food. Who is going to stop them if nobody is working in a closed restaurant?

It’s so bad that the CDC is issuing guidelines for dealing with rodents during the COVID 19 lockdown:

Are you really getting honey? Perhaps not.

via Are you really getting honey? Perhaps not.

The study, conducted by a team of scientists at Macquarie University, used 100 samples of honey sourced globally, including 38 Australian-branded honey samples.

It found more than half the samples sourced from Asia, mainly China, were adulterated, meaning the honey had been mixed with other non-honey substances.

Testing at the National Measurement Institute, the same high-security government lab used to test drugs seized by Border Force, found 27 per cent of overseas samples were not 100 per cent honey.

National Vinegar Month… | Retired? No one told me!


… In the meantime … Shrubs…Have you heard of them…
They are fruit or vegetable vinegar… I hadn’t until about 2 years ago and one of my friends makes quite a lot of these and they are very nice…

This is her recipe which she gifted to me and I must say I was very pleased to receive with a sample…Hic

Strawberries are at the height of their season here and are very nice…I love the small ones as they have a much nicer taste than the
larger strawberries.


• The zest from 2 organic lemons

• 1 cup of sugar

• 2 cups of strawberries hulled and quarter if big I use very small ones.

• 30 black peppercorns, coarsely crushed

• 1 cup of naturally brewed apple cider vinegar…I use Cornwall’s brewed in Australia

Let’s Cook! ( Brew)

Remove the peel from the lemons, making sure you get none of the
white pith…I have a lovely little zester which just takes the peel in
lovely strips. Place the peel in a medium bowl and cover with the sugar.

Press the peel firmly into the sugar for about five minutes, using a pestle, muddling stick or large wooden spoon.

Cover the mixture with plastic wrap and set aside for at least one
hour until the sugar looks damp and slightly yellow from the lemon oil.

Then remove the peel from the sugar into a smaller bowl removing as much of the sugar as you can keep to one side.

Add the strawberries and the black pepper to the sugar and stir to combine.

Cover and put in the fridge, leave for about 2 hours the mixture
should then be quite juicy so remove from the fridge and muddle the
strawberries to extract more of their juice.

Pour the vinegar into the bowl containing the reserved lemon peel
gently stir to remove the remainder of the sugar and then remove the
zest and discard. Pour the vinegar over the strawberries and stir to

Cover the bowl and leave in the fridge for 2 days.

After 2 days strain the mixture through a fine sieve lined with
cheesecloth or muslin, squeeze the fruit gently through the cloth to
extract all the juice and then discard the fruit mix.

Transfer your liquid into a sterilised bottle with a close-fitting lid and store in the fridge for 1 week.

Before serving shake the bottle and pour 2 tbsp or more to taste into
a glass and top up with ice and sparkling mineral water and just
because you can… a little dash or two of vodka or gin.

I will also mention that the shrub will keep in the fridge for about 6 months… Mine don’t!

China in Focus (May 16): Babies Fall Sick as More Fake Formula Hits Shelves – NATION AND STATE

Comment by tonytran2015: Chinese people have been herded by Chinese government to almost stop buying Australian beef while going at full speed hoarding PPE from Australia (in January) and now Baby Milk from Australia ().


Many children falling ill in China after ingesting fake baby formula. It’s the latest of a series of cases involving problematic baby food.

The WHO coming under increased global scrutiny for its handling of the pandemic. Now rising tensions between the agency and Beijing over the virus investigation.

And President Trump says U.S. funding for the WHO could drop by 90 percent. He talks about some of the reasoning behind this number.

Non-organic Kale Found To Be Contaminated With Dacthal (Pesticide) – Nwo Report


A recent study published in the journal Environmental Research examined four families who eat conventional diets. Pesticide levels were measured via urine before switching to an organic diet for 6 days. A dramatic drop in pesticide levels was found. Another study conducted by researchers from RMIT University, published in the journal Environmental Research, found that eating an organic diet for just one week significantly reduced pesticide (commonly used in conventional food production) exposure in adults. This study found a dramatic 90 percent drop in pesticide levels. Both studies used urine samples to measure pesticide accumulation. You can access those studies and read more about them here and here.

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition carried out a meta-analysis based on 343 peer-reviewed publications that indicate “statistically significant and meaningful differences in composition between organic and non-organic crops/crop based foods.”…

The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History — Triablogue | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


The United Nations World Food Programme, or the WFP, states that by the end of the year, more than 260 million people will face starvation — double last year’s figures. According to WFP director David Beasley on April 21: “We could be looking at famine in about three dozen countries. … There is also a real danger that more people could potentially die from the economic impact of COVID-19 than from the virus itself” (italics added).

30 Delicious Foods To Pair With Coffee (Since You’re Probably On Your Second Cup Already)  | Thought Catalog


1. Those little individually wrapped square caramels. You put one in your mouth then take a drink of hot fresh coffee, hold it in your mouth a second…

2. Danish cookies! The ones that you find in grandma’s sewing container when it actually has cookies.

3. Black coffee with a good burger is a very underrated combo.

Yes, You Can Age Your Beer—Sometimes – NATION AND STATE


The difference between fresh beer and a four-week-old bottle stored at room temperature was shocking. In some cases, the beer had degraded to unacceptable “tastes like cardboard” levels. It wasn’t that the brewery had made bad beer; it was just nature and improper storage taking their toll. Pay attention to those “best by” dates.

Let It Age

Some beers, however, either improve with age or change in a way that is interesting and worth waiting for.

Back when I wrote Minnesota’s Best Beer Guide, I received a 750-milliliter bottle of a limited-release Belgian-inspired beer directly from a brewer, and he explicitly cautioned me: “Do not drink this now. Give it at least a year.” I gave it two.

I took it to dinner with friends, and before we opened it, I looked at some old online reviews, which can be about as ill-advised as “reading the comments.” This was a top-notch brewer, and yet I came across a few grumbles from unimpressed drinkers.

Then we opened the beer and it was amazing. The entire table praised it, with friends gushing that it was the best beer they had ever had.

I went back and looked at the dates of those online reviews, and sure enough, some reviewers had ignored the brewery’s instructions to age the beer, and were drinking it before it had a chance to develop. That lesson has stuck with me ever since.

Millions Of Of Pigs, Chickens And Cattle Are Being Euthanized While The Media Warns “Shortages” Are Coming — The Economic Collapse | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


But at the same time, farmers all over America have been dumping millions of gallons of milk, disposing of millions of pounds of fresh vegetables, and putting farm animals to death at a rate that we have never seen before. In fact, Reuters is reportingthat “millions of pigs, chickens and cattle will be euthanized” because they can’t be sold. Unlike other parts of the globe, we actually have plenty of food right now, but we can’t get much of that food to the people because so many food processing facilities have been shut down due to fear of COVID-19.

They Are Trying To Bankrupt The Meat Industry Because Bill Gates And Other Global Elites Have Invested Heavily In A Lab-Grown Stem Cell Replacement – Wake Up To The Truth


President Trump is preparing to sign executive orders to keep America’s meat plants up and running, as they are under pressure from the global elites to shut their doors due to COVID-19 fears. National Review reports ‘The order would classify meat processing plants as essential infrastructure, with federal government officials providing protective gear and guidance to workers. Government officials have reportedly estimated that up to 80 percent of the country’s meat supply could be shut down during the pandemic.’ Thank God for Trump, more on that in a minute...